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The quicker you realize that all feedback in this hobby is based on subjective opinions, the better off you will be. Fragrance is art. Experience it for yourself and form your own opinions. Never interpret somebody else's personal opinion as an absolute fact, no matter how objectively they may state it, and never succumb to an echo chamber of opinions because you are unable or unwilling to form your own.
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So, so true! I've read so many conflicting reviews from various people about one fragrance or another with so many people pointing out notes that are miles apart from each other. The only way to go is to try it yourself.
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hi... not sure what's going on it's been over an hour, can't even contact a mod, so i can't reply to you or anyone, think the autobot filter think's I am spamming or something.
Was wondering if I could get a little more info on UAE oud? Is it your favourite oud/rose? How does it compare to arabian oud - royal oud?
The Bark
The Bark
They're two very different scents. I'd be hard pressed to say which is better, because they're so different. The Arabian Oud Royal Oud is very, very well blended and perhaps a bit easier to wear. UAE Oud is darker, more animalic at first, but not necessarily off-putting.
The Bark
The Bark
I've read others saying it's similar to Malle's Night, but I'm not so sure from when I've tried it. Perhaps deep into the dry down, but it lacks the barnyard aspect of that scent which, to me, says it's more refined. If I recall correctly, Night is more Indian oud where UAE Oud is Cambodian.
Hello Benjamin,

Ok, if you don't get enough folks to do a split I will be decanting the bottles too.

Sounds good to me man!! Thanks much. I think i'll probably end up hitting you up for decants of the trio, will wait for a bit to see how things go.
Ingredients list (part2)
Clary sage
Rose Attar/water
Tuberose oil
Narcissus attar
Night Blooming jasmine
Rose Geranium
Violet Leaf
Tonka Bean
Heya! Figured I'd put my oils and ingredients list out! (part 1)
Benzoin/ Styrax
Dragon’s blood
Orange Blossom
Palo Santo
Oud/ Oudh/ agarwood
Blue lotus
Sweet flag/ calamus root
Ambrette musk
Lily of the Valley
Plumeria/ frangipani
Orris Root
hi Manet, I'd love to know more about the bottle, can you please send me a photo? thanks! Gemma
Sorry, I'm new to the site and am still learning how to use it.
I just took a photo of the bottle. Let me figure out how to attach a photo. :)
Ok, here is the photo. It smells really nice. I just have too many .


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Yo Iver! This is Will from THPS. The community is alive and kicking! We have a Discord and play THPS on a PC mod called THUG Pro. It combines all of the elements of THPS on the THUG2 engine. Message me and I'll get you the invite to our Discord group and information about the game. I hope that all is well. Looking forward to reconnecting with old friends.
Just joined and was reading through reviews and treads. Thanks for taking me back to Aqua Velva Blue Ice! Wonderful “bracing” memories of confidence stepping out of the dorm.
Hey, i need the black gold ormonde jayne bottle you are offering, is it still available ?
Haven't really been ecstatic about any new scent anymore though. Or I am sort of but it fades quickly. Anyway, what I deem 8+, most of those you can find in the 'Owned' section of my wardrobe (or 'Wish List') - but really I want to find a new 10 out of 10. Le Male was just that to me for a long time. I switched to mainly ordering decants and samples. I still think Kurkdjian and Gaultier are the best.
I've also tried:
- blind buying
- picking one perfumer and trying more of that perfumer's work (Francis Kurkdjian in my case)
- picking fragrances to sample based on their notes
- sampled a couple dozen niche and expensive fragrances
I love your new calligraphic avatar!
Thank you! I wanted to modify the one I’ve had, and the calligraphy idea appeared...
My name is Said Alhatimy. I’m from Kenya. I’m a science student and a businessman. I own a Perfume company called Emoody Perfumes LTD in Kenya.
Hi, @Scentologist. Trying to contact you about one of your sale items, but you seem to have Conversations (PMs) disabled. Please message me: thanks!
Sorry, I couldn't reply to anything and long story short, it was because I had to verify my email lol. What would you be interested in?
I tried to respond to your comment on my wall, but I can’t tell on mobile if I did it right. What I said was:

I loved the first three…but sadly not the fourth as much! I have some critiques of what has gone wrong but won’t say more than that. I’m really glad I read the first three though. I’m about halfway through the fourth.
Oh ok. If I read all 4 books I’ll look for your review of the 4th one. I didn’t see any response to my comment on your wall so it looks like you’re right and it didn’t work. Weird.
It was confusing...I tried to respond to your comment, but I think I responded to someone else's comment instead. I'm not sure what I did wrong.
I'm so far behind on reviews. I'll probably try to catch up this week.
I just started reading Senlin Ascends! I read your review of the first two books and saw that you're reading the 4th, which just came out a couple weeks ago. Hope you're enjoying it.
I'm interested in something you're selling but somehow I can't PM you. (Can't find "Start Conversation" button anywhere:unsure:)Can you try to start a conversation with me?

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Hi there, Swamp Princess! I see you've been on BN for several years but you've changed your name - have we already met under your previous one?
I love your avatar - what a perfect fit! I'm a bit familiar with Julie Heffernan's wonderful Bosch-like paintings, and was actually surprised that she wasn't from around here; it really looks like she has some practical experience with 'gator management! :)
Swamp Princess
Swamp Princess
Hi Evangeline!
I had to follow you when I seen you were from NO.
Yes, I joined some time ago, but used to work a lot serving in the FQ, never really had time to do much back then.
I just discovered this artist and I am truly impressed that you are familiar with her.
Evangeline immediately reminds me of The Frog and the Princess, one of my favs. So very nice to speak with you, thanks for initiating the greeting.
Hi I messaged you on FB again but not sure you check that often so… I’ll take the Antaeus! Let me know how to pay you. Etc
I'm, currently, collecting Far East, top tier, Oudhs, Attars, (15 and counting!), and extraits. My collection began in 2008, with European niche frags.