I love:
• All citruses, especially Grapefruit, Orange and Tangerine
• Bakery spices: Vanilla, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Saffron, Clove, Pepper, Ginger...
• Amber, Tonka, Tobacco, Chocolate, Cacao, Coffee, Boozy notes and gourmands based on these things
• Various woody fragrances
• Purple florals: Iris, Lavender, Violet...
• Leather & Suede
• Vetiver
• Incense, resins and balms
• Tart fruits/berries: Cranberry, Blackberry...
• Shalimars and Shalimar-adjacent scents
• I think I went crazy and started loving Gardenia, Tuberose and Lily
I generally enjoy some fruitiness, some sweetness, airiness in fragrances, but I also love tart citruses, powdery fragrances, sultry orientals or dry incensy woods. I do love contrast in fragrances.

Can go either way (or I'm a bit specific about these):
• Rose (I enjoy dark, sultry or fruity rose paired with patchouli, pepper, incense, leather or citrus; I like rose oxide. Soapy, dusty and garden roses are more difficult. I said I like fruity rose but it can come across pee-like to my nose sometimes, so I must test first)
• Delicate florals/fruity florals (they generally smell very nice to me, but they often fall flat on my skin or can get boring to my nose, so it depends)
• Musks (I adore Narciso Rodriguez musks and a lot of clean, fluffy musks in general, but not all of them)
• Fruity notes (sometimes I love them, sometimes I find them too sweet or synthetic)
• Lavender (I know I wrote that I love it, but I don't love every lavender I meet)
• Herbal, grassy notes (it's usually a no, but it depends)
• Ginger (there's ginger and there's ginger. I love bright, fresh, citrusy-peppery ginger, especially in citrusy colognes. But there are fragrances with ginger note that go incredibly sour&foul on my skin/to my nose, Tea for Two is one of them)

I generally dislike (there are always exceptions):
• Galbanum
• Aquatics & Marines (They can make me feel physically sick)
• Watery florals and fruits: Melon, Watermelon, Pear, Water lily, etc. (They can make me feel physically sick)
• Yellow florals (so stuffy! they better be in the background)
• Honeyed or pollen-y florals (a-choo!)
• Honey (nauseatingly sweet; Terre de Lumiere is the only exception where it's balanced nicely)
• Jasmine when it's fresh, crisp and citrusy, enjoy the scent but it makes me sneeze and my eyes water in scents like Gabrielle, Terre d'Hermes, Pure Poison, Jaipur Bracelet, Jasmin et Cigarette (sensitivity to hedione overload? something else entirely?)
• Artemisia, chamomile (I'm lightly allergic in real life so I tend to avoid them in perfumery too)
• I used to hate screamy white florals, but recently I started craving them, especially when they're creamy
• Screamy florals in general - I prefer my flowers in the background most of the time, but I love florientals
• Classic chypres - except Mitsouko, love that one
• Musty, dusty, fusty, moldy fragrances - that means most oldschool chypres, too
• Dirty fragrances that smell of unwashed bodies

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