I love:
• All citruses, especially Grapefruit, Orange and Tangerine
• Bakery spices: Vanilla, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Saffron, Clove, Pepper, Ginger...
• Amber, Tonka, Tobacco, Chocolate, Cacao, Coffee, Boozy notes and gourmands based on these things
• Various woody fragrances
• Purple florals: Iris, Lavender, Violet...
• Leather & Suede
• Vetiver
• Incense, resins and balms
• Tart fruits/berries: Cranberry, Blackberry...
• Shalimars and Shalimar-adjacent scents
• I think I went crazy and started loving Gardenia, Tuberose and Lily
I generally enjoy some fruitiness, some sweetness, airiness in fragrances, but I also love tart citruses, powdery fragrances, sultry orientals or dry incensy woods. I do love contrast in fragrances.

Can go either way (or I'm a bit specific about these):
• Rose (I enjoy dark, sultry or fruity rose paired with patchouli, pepper, incense, leather or citrus; I like rose oxide. Soapy, dusty and garden roses are more difficult. I said I like fruity rose but it can come across pee-like to my nose sometimes, so I must test first)
• Delicate florals/fruity florals (they generally smell very nice to me, but they often fall flat on my skin or can get boring to my nose, so it depends)
• Musks (I adore Narciso Rodriguez musks and a lot of clean, fluffy musks in general, but not all of them)
• Fruity notes (sometimes I love them, sometimes I find them too sweet or synthetic)
• Lavender (I know I wrote that I love it, but I don't love every lavender I meet)
• Herbal, grassy notes (it's usually a no, but it depends)
• Ginger (there's ginger and there's ginger. I love bright, fresh, citrusy-peppery ginger, especially in citrusy colognes. But there are fragrances with ginger note that go incredibly sour&foul on my skin/to my nose, Tea for Two is one of them)

I generally dislike (there are always exceptions):
• Galbanum
• Aquatics & Marines (They can make me feel physically sick)
• Watery florals and fruits: Melon, Watermelon, Pear, Water lily, etc. (They can make me feel physically sick)
• Yellow florals (so stuffy! they better be in the background)
• Honeyed or pollen-y florals (a-choo!)
• Honey (nauseatingly sweet; Terre de Lumiere is the only exception where it's balanced nicely)
• Jasmine when it's fresh, crisp and citrusy, it makes me sneeze and my eyes water (sensitivity to hedione overload?)
• I used to hate screamy white florals, but recently I started craving them, especially when they're creamy
• Screamy florals in general - I prefer my flowers in the background most of the time, but I love florientals
• Classic chypres
• Musty, dusty, fusty, moldy fragrances - that means most oldschool chypres, too
• Dirty fragrances that smell of unwashed bodies