Zarkoperfume's two-phase fragrance liquid - how do they do it?


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Nov 28, 2021

There are two phases of liquid in the bottle that never permanently mix. The upper one has a tint, and you have to shake the bottle before spraying. The phases temporarily mix quite easily, but separate again over time. Reminds me of many makeup removers.

According to the ingredients listing on their site for a fragrance in this "Cloud collection" line, the ingredients are as follows:
Alcohol, perfume, aqua (water), butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane (uv) CI 18050 (RED L114)

Nothing out of the ordinary. Alcohol, perfume, water, sunblock and a colorant. What could cause this two-phased effect? Could it be a solvent hidden under perfume? Which solvents work for oils but don't permanently blend together with ethanol?


Basenotes Plus
Basenotes Plus
Dec 5, 2007
Looks like a lot of water.
With that much water, they likely can be shipped non-hazardous, because the flashpoint is much lower than more alcohol.
The water will still hold the dye, as well as the alcohol.

Alex F.

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Nov 29, 2019
Very gimmicky. Looks like they're doing what perfumers usually avoid: mixing alcohol and oil. I'd be surprised if the top layer contained a lot of water. That would be impractical for several reasons. And with too high a water content, the water-ethanol mixture would turn out heavier than the oil.

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