YouTube - Serge Lutens talks about Féminité du Bois


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Jun 17, 2008

Thanks for sharing. I still can't pronounce Feminite Du Bois, but it smells great, so that's all that really matters. I prefer the older Shiseido FdB to the current watered down Lutens......


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Jan 3, 2009
I am glad that you appreciate the video MFJ. I would like to find the Shiseido version of FdB.

But I am not sure I understand well Lutens' words when he talks about the difference between the Shiseido and the Serge Lutens version of FdB, saying that the new one is superior in some way. Before it was 'altered' whereas this time it has been 'disrobed'. Now we can find it "with its own colour, aroma, label". I wonder if this refers to the packaging and/or to the formulation.

I also find interesting his definition of Modern Perfumery and the way it differs from Classic Perfumery. Here is an excerpt from the interview:
"After all, what is a perfume? It is an inner harmony (onto itself) with a discord. I am in utter discord with nearly everything and I seek harmony as a means to both harmonize my own senses and harmonize others' senses with my own - my discord. In other words I must turn things around so that I can give new value to what strikes me as ridiculous, old-fashioned or vulgar, through words or using the key essences of a particular fragrance which turn it into pure magic, making it good... like a novel, like someone who gives an accurate portrayal of you."


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Sep 13, 2010
Thanks so very much for sharing the clip.

It is always a pleasure hearing Mr. Serge talk about his perfumes, or anything really. What a unique individual.

In regards to the perfume, the top note has a little too much cinnamon in it. I dislike a pronounced cinnamon note, so that could just be me.


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Mar 10, 2007
I too love hearing Serge talk; he is a true 20th C. intellectual.

But, I do think he is also a perfect 21st C. marketing tour de force.

Don't get me wrong, I love the man's creations, his aesthetic, and I'll continue to drink the Kool-Aid, straight from the spigot.

Kevin Guyer

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Nov 16, 2006
Thanks for sharing this Balthazar - Monsieur Lutens is a treasure, any opportunity to see/hear him talk about his work is always a rare treat. The original FdB was housed in a very stylized, opaque bottle, it added a lot of baggage to the perfume's identity. Féminité du Bois was one of Serge Lutens first creations, it became the basis of many of his creations for his Palais Royal line-up. It was also one of the first fragrances that over doses the aroma chemical Iso E Super, which gives the fragrance's aroma a texture - rendering it wet and smooth.

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