Your favorite fragrance memory on your fragrance journey?


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Mar 8, 2017
Hands down first smelling Dior Eau Sauvage Parfum 2012, Dior Homme Parfum 2015 batch. I still recall being introduced to these two Eau Sauvage Parfum 2012 is all the masculinity you can imagine put into a dense smooth cloud of smell! I also recall the older batches of Dior Homme Intense another awesome experience it was dense and blended so well with the Iris and Cocoa, Vanilla I will never forget it.

Hermes Terre D’Hermes EDT when I first smelled this one I recall being wowed a lot the way the citruses and vetiver are mixed together. I remember wearing this one heavily to work for quite some time when I first got it.

Chanel Allure Homme would be next along with Creed Aventus many years ago, I remember being enthralled with each wearing on how excellent they smelled and wore them very regularly to work.

I can’t forget Creed Green Irish Tweed this one especially the older bottle style old batches were phenomenal I still recall a very green batch I had the smell and performance were ridiculous good one of my favorite memories.


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Jul 16, 2004
Lovely choices, Speckmann0706. It’s not surprising you were enthralled!

So, so many fragrance memories…but perhaps my favourite is when I was eight. My dad asked me what I wanted to get Mom for Christmas and with no hesitation I said “Perfume.” He took my hand and we walked downtown to the drug store. Dad and the saleslady stood quietly while I sniffed and I picked Helena Rubinstein Heaven Sent. Even though Dad paid on my behalf, I consider that my first perfume purchase.


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May 15, 2015
Some of my favorite fragrance memories are the first time I tried a line. I remember so well the first time walking into the Frederic Malle boutique and trying everything and how exciting it was and how new everything smelled. I got a similar feeling getting into Chanel and Hermes.

A more specific memory that really sticks out is:

Last year I spent the winter in Florida and it felt like a really scary and isolated time so on my days off I would always go to Orlando to smell some fragrances. On one visit I tried Guerlain Encens Mythique for the first time. I had gotten bored of the mall and decided to try and find a park because nature gave me a lot of comfort at the time. I randomly happened upon the most beautiful area outside of Winter Park. It was a cooler misty day and I came upon a pond with all kinds of big plants and wild life. It really felt like I was in a movie discovering a magical oasis, and the fragrance was absolutely brilliant in this setting. I tried to find that park again but I never could remember where it was which only added to the mystique of this chance encounter.

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Aug 9, 2009
Like many I was always a bit of a fraghead, long before Basenotes (or the internet) existed.

Two things stand out to me.

First was discovering Basenotes. It was like "you mean there are a lot of other people like me." It was very eye opening.

Second, after I joined Basenotes, I saw all this talk about scents I'd never heard of and a web site called Lucky Scent. Fast forward a few days after joining and reading hundreds of posts. It becomes clear Lucky Scent has a brick and mortar store called Scent Bar in Los Angeles. I used to be terribly impatient with waiting for shipping delivery, so I was anxious to find this store.

Then on my usual commute to work, I note an awning labeled "Scent Bar" and realize that might be the place. I always thought it was like a scented candle store. Could this be the vaunted "Scent Bar" of Basenotes fame? Yes, it was and I drove past it twice a day for years....... it could not have been easier to stop in.

First time I went in there it was like WOW. The start of my really revved up fraghead days.

These were two very memorable moments in my journey. More than any one single scent I've bought.

I can’t forget Creed Green Irish Tweed this one especially the older bottle style old batches were phenomenal I still recall a very green batch I had the smell and performance were ridiculous good one of my favorite memories.
I do recall trying GIT for the first time around 1995 and it was pretty spectacular. The price really blew my mind. I think it was about $135.
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Apr 1, 2019
I was wow'd the firs time I tried Tom Ford's Private Blend. They were unlike scents I'd ever really tried before and the sillage filled the room I had sampled them in for hours if not days afterwards. I can still recall the smell of Amber Absolute and Oud Minerale from a distance and I'm delighted they re-released Oud Minerale as it has some of the most enchanting 'overtones' in a fragrance I've smelled. The novelty of that wears off, of course, and as my understanding and experience grew, the Private Blend fragrances lost their charm. But there is something incredibly potent, in many ways, about such overtone-heavy fragrances and the ability they have to linger and project. I can see how sampling Tom Ford fragrances for the first time in a shop when one has a 'niche virgin' nose would have a similar sort of effect it had on me. There haven't been too many 'novel' moments after that as I treat sampling almost like a matter of deconstruction in order to then put it back together again in order to find something that's wearable, not just novel or stimulating.


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Mar 17, 2011
Like many I was always a bit of a fraghead, long before Basenotes (or the internet) existed.

First was discovering Basenotes. It was like "you mean there are a lot of other people like me." It was very eye opening.
I can totally relate to this... thoughts like "you mean you're buying a second fragrance, even though you just opened another? :eek:" meant I wasn't alone in this disease hobby.
Some fragrance discoveries (Terre d'Hermes in 2006, Aventus in 2010 & Rive Gauche PH not long after that) and the reactions I got from people were probably the next biggest memories for me.


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Jul 7, 2010
To hard for me to choice one..The ones that stands out at the top of my head:

-First time as teenage smelling davidhoff cool water in the 90s, man did i put on some bottles of that stuff, and nobody complained wearing half a bootle to a party.

-Frist time smelling jean paul gauntier le male in the late 90s, and i used it as above..

-I always enjoyed givenchy pi even as teenager, stramge as its quite grown up perfume, but i do remember first time blind buing the givenchy pi fraiche in earlie 00s, man did i love it.

-also first meting with joop homme mid 00s, at the time i loved the pink party juice.

-first time buying YSL M7 mid 00s, ohh man did i love it, used for many year, was a huge sucess with the ladies also.

-edit: and how could i almost forget the king of sweet aquas in late 90s, hugo boss elements aqua, very popular for a few years, i think i acctually would enjoy it also to this day, its a uncomplicated sweet light aqua.

-in newer time, it must be dior homme original formula in about 2014(before the 2019 or something reformula) first time i smelled it i instant bought it and was amazed over it, very very strong so unly used it about once a year at christmas party or so..


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Aug 21, 2012
Years ago when I initially started this fragrance thing. Everything was new and all the scents really got my attention.


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Jan 17, 2013
My first fragrance memories are those of my father. His trademark was English Leather, later to be followed by Pierre Cardin, Grey Flannel, and then somewhere a gift to him of Sandalwood cologne. I can’t remember the brand.

One such journey began at a Davidson’s in Atlanta where I explored Halston Z 14, Givenchy Gentleman, and Lagerfeld. Oh, the delight in having those fragrances stimulate my scent receptors. I remember receiving a holiday gift set of Givenchy Gentleman containing a bottle of the cologne, possibly aftershave or body soap, and a really cool faux leather collapsible travel bag that folded into itself.

My personal favorite journey began in 1985 at a Saks Fifth Avenue, where I became aware of the original Dior’s Eau Sauvage, and a personal favorite, Guerlain’s Vetiver. The Vetiver bath soap was a delight at my youngish age as it felt so luxurious, and scented the bathroom to boot.

Another favorite was a purchase made at Bergdorf Goodman. I became aware of the store on a business trip to NYC, and fell in love with the chic lifestyle. As I was exploring, I became aware of Boucheron Pour Homme and purchased the Eau de Toilette and aftershave balm. I felt very cosmopolitan.

Later, when wearing the new fragrance and aftershave to a very large and crowded event, my new cosmopolitan attitude was deflated when I overheard someone say “Ugh, someone’s wearing cologne”! Being new to this event, I was unaware that fragrance was frowned upon. But I sure did smell good, ; ). Years later, when taking a walk after lunch on a gorgeous and beautiful day, I passed a group of women on the sidewalk. Their reaction to the Boucheron fragrance was outstanding, and tickling, in a good way. They exclaimed enthusiastically that “you sure do smell good”! And the twinkle in their eyes was further proof.

While I can’t remember the city or place of purchase, Romeo Gigli by the same stands out for me. In this instance for some reason in my mind at least, I have attached this fragrance with the song “Move Any Mountain” by The Shamen.


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May 27, 2020
Some of my first and strongest scent memories are of mom’s Grey Flannel, my grandpa’s Kouros, grandma’s Opium, and dad’s Lagerfeld :giggle:
I remember asking mom what was in Grey Flannel, and getting shocked when she explained what you originally get musk from haha.

My second strongest memory is when I did my first big sample order and fell for Acqua di Parma Colonia, plus realized most modern scents weren’t for me…

My last big step and memory, not really a scent memory though, was ditching Fragrantica for Basenotes 😉


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Jan 30, 2007
So many but one that stands out is the first time I realized the power of fragrance's effect on one's mood. As a teenager I was lucky enough to go on a student trip to the Soviet Union (yes, I am that old) and to my privileged self it seemed terrible--particularly the way everything smelled. From the moment I set foot on the Aeroflot plane, everything smelled horrible--the stench of unwashed humanity, disinfectant, stale cigarette smoke, boiled cabbage. It followed me through the airport in Moscow, into the cab, at the hotel, out on the street--everywhere. Several tourist sites had backed up toilets to add to the stench. And the food! Back then, you got breaded gristle to eat with lukewarm tonic water--if you were lucky.

The hotel was a communist moderne style cellblock and the hot water was not working. While I loved seeing the sites (we got to cut in line to see Lenin which made me feel guilty) I was feeling a little sorry for myself from a creature comfort point of view. On day three we got back to the hotel which was abuzz with news--there was hot water! I ran up to take a shower and decided to break out a travel kit that someone had given me of soap, cologne, aftershave, powder all scented with Hermes' Equipage. I used everything and that, combined with the way the hot water felt seemed to me like true, true luxury and really lifted my spirits. I have since been in many worse, real third world situations and find that a little luxury in the form of a fine fragrance can make up for a lot of discomfort and really elevate one's spirits.

I gave the rest of the bottle of Equipage cologne to my tour guide when I left and I thought she had died and gone to heaven. Since it is a masculine scent I suggested that she give it to her boyfriend or husband but she said "No! It is all mine!". Still love Equipage. And Moscow, too, which is now so very different.


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Aug 26, 2013
Smelling Guerlain Vetiver for the first time at the Perfume House here in Portland, OR, circa 2013. I'd never smelled vetiver (the note) before, but had been reading about the Guerlain for months, if not longer. When I finally smelled it, it was like seeing a new color. Prismatic and crystalline, dense but hollow.


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Aug 31, 2020
Fragonard. Before kids and marriage, my husband swept me off to Europe for an extended vacation. He had spent some considerable time in France before so on his suggestion we stopped at Fragonard. Memory grows faint so many years later, but I do believe even then I was selecting osmanthus or peach and green tea notes from the shelf.

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