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Jul 26, 2011
Today I logged my 25th wearing of Gucci Pour Homme II as a Basenotes SotD. I'm sure in reality there have been significantly more wears than that.

This is quite a special fragrance for me. I picked it up on the outbound journey of a significant family vacation (or holiday, as we English would call it) just over ten years ago, so it's a nice memory of that trip. I think it was already starting to become difficult to find at the time, so it was a real delight to pick it up on such an occasion, and at a really good price.

I then scooped up the shower gel and deodorant spray several years later as 'old stock', when they had long since disappeared from sight. The shower gel is finished, but I used the deo spray today. Coincidentally it was again while travelling with family that I stumbled on these, this time en route to my first graduation ceremony. So it's certainly a scent I tend to associate with special times...
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Basenotes Dependent
Oct 14, 2015
Congrats, H_West! How do you like the current version of this incontrovertible masterpiece?
Oh, I haven't seen this until now. Sorry about that! I bought a new now and I don't remember how old my last one was as I drained it rather quick (I bought it with about 25 ml's left) so I think I mostly know the newer versions. And them I obviously like. Before I bought the first bottle I thought of it as more mossy. Unfortunately I have not the tried very old versions. I came close to buy one a while back but someone else beat me to it. Have you tried many versions and what do you think differs the most?

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