If I had a signature, or a Holy Grail for that matter, it would be Yohji, Yohji Yamamoto's first scent, now sadly discontinued.

It seemed like destiny right from the start. It was late summer 1998, I was searching for info about perfume on the internet and ended up on Sephora's site. At that point the French site included much more info than the English/American one.

I had admired Yohji Yamamoto's clothes for ages, so was thrilled to learn that he had launched a scent. I read the notes: vanilla, vanillin, sandalwood, musk, amber (my favourites!), and the description: un parfum ange et demon, and my fate was sealed: I had to get my hands on this wonder. Needless to say it was not available in Finland, we were and still are a Third World country when it comes to perfume.

In September I left to St.Petersburg as an exchange student, and on one fine day when I was strolling through Passazh, I saw a Yohji mini in a perfume kiosk. Luckily it was affordable, so I bought it without testing.

It turned out to be my most successful blind buy ever: it wasn't only love at first sniff, but the love turned out to be the lasting kind: nine years and six (or is it seven?) full-sized bottles later, it's still the scent closest being The One for me.

As it always seems with things you love the most, I find it nearly impossible to describe Yohji, and when I try to, it ends up sounding totally contradictory in terms: it's green (that lovely opening galbanum note), it has a strong vanilla note, but not the usual heavy, sweet and sticky kind, it's very pure, simple, cool and "clean", but also rich and warm and very seductive.

No other scent I wear has received as many compliments, both from women and men. Once at a party a guy kept following me and wanting to sniff me, finally he approached me with a pen and paper and demanded me to write the name down. I guess his gal got a perfume present! Another time when I joined a friend and her workmates in a café, one latecomer said before saying hi "Who is wearing a divine perfume?". It turned out to be me in my Yohji.

After the news of it being discontinued, I hoarded the stuff to be on the safe side. I can't imagine life without Yohji. I almost feel as if Jean Kérleo was inspired by and had created it for me, me, ME!

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