Xerjoff to launch new line: JTC (Join The Club)


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Mar 4, 2011
not much infos on the lines yet but here is what I got to know from their presentation at Fragranze 2012...

New Xerjoff series coming: JTC (Join The Club)

10 new fragrances with an "high concept and profile" to be sold at a "low price". They define the new line as the Xerjoff "entry level"...Probably they should have called it "Join The (austerity) Club"

From their presentation: "10 excellent perfumes, each one associated with a high-level activity from simple recreation to a degree of real passion.

Just for an exclusive Club moment, Xerjoff JTC has created an iconic selection which harks back to the concept of selectivity that takes moments in life to their most intense aspects


The bottles come with the tipycal Xerjoff golden cap. They're coloured an indigo blue and look halfway between a diamond cut stone and a pear. Actually not bad but the only fragrance I tested (called something like "Comandante") made me instantly loose any kind of interest. I'll try to give them a chance on a second time but, admittedly, I'm not among the biggest fans of Xerjoff...


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Jun 28, 2009
Perhaps sales of their pricey lines are languishing too much they had to 'join the club' and peddle mass market frags? Still I'm hopeful for a gem or two.


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Apr 24, 2012
Probably the same as if Maserati or Ferrari would release an utilitarian....:)

I like this analogy :thumbsup:

These could be great! I believe there are more than a few offerings out there which are priced way out of their league based on the merits of their ingredients or the perfumer making it. I believe that amazing composition are possible without using the finest Thaqueel oud or the rarest sandalwood essences. I will definitely consider these "capable of excellence" -- till proven otherwise.

Great Scoop Al... you are so knowledgeable!


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Sep 13, 2010
Ill try anything, at least, once.

Xerjoff is not bad. All they need is some fine tuning and they'll end up with very good perfumes.


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Mar 25, 2007
I guess they're adding five oud attars to the line also.

Sweet Assam (a classic oud)
Java Blossom (woody oud)
Sukar Aswad (with rose)
Oud Luban (floral)
Warda al Oud (with rose)


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Dec 10, 2007
I received a few samples this morning..

JTC - 40 Knots
JTC - Birdie
JTC - Kind of Blue
JTC - Shunkoin

I'll throw up some impressions in a few days. I had a quick sniff of Birdie which is supposed to conjure up an image of a Vetiver laden Golf Course??. Its got a very harsh opening but as it settles to a nice herbacious peppery patch/vetiver combo. Nothing thats wowing me but the quality is there so I've some hope for the others.


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Aug 20, 2013
Just received my samples, here are the standouts:

🌟🌟Xerjoff - Join the Club - Kind of Blue
Super fresh
🌟🌟Xerjoff - Join the Club - Comandante
Very pleasant
Very fresh
🌟🌟Xerjoff - Join the Club - Shunkoin

Dries to this beautiful caramel sugary smell. It smells like sweet milk and almonds
Stuningly beautiful

🌟🌟Xerjoff - Join the Club - Fatal Charm

Zesty aldehydes
Excellent fragrance, not too heavy

👋Xerjoff - Join the Club - Ascot Moon

Smells like gray flanel
Ok smell

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May 19, 2014
Chanel... I've sniffed them all, but one leapt out to me... Ivory route. To me it's a peppery, woody vanilla. Many of them are worth a sniff, although I agree commandante is generic. 40 knots is nice, but as you're saying... Very department store. I absolutely can't say that for ivory route though, which I find quite unique.


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Nov 11, 2012
i tried the entire line based on sample vials from luckyscent...from a retrospective standpoint i think they were slightly quirky but forgetable..the only one that i enjoyed enough to even think of buying a bottle was birdie.

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