[Women's] SOTD Wednesday 5th of October 2022

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Jul 1, 2011
Happy Birthday Knit at Nite! 🎂
Happy Birthday PixieChic! 🎂

Wednesday syncing with Hermes Bel Ami


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Jan 3, 2017
Birthday wishes for Knit at Nite and PixieChic! 🎂 ..... 🍨


Fourteen straight days of below average temps. Too cool for short sleeves and shorts. I'm determined Not to turn on the heat just yet.

Five weeks ago we took in a stray, male kitten. 🐱 We think he's about 8 or 9 weeks old now.

I also recently chopped about 9 inches of hair off the length. I grew tired of sitting on it. :mad:

Finishing a sample of Clutch by Perfumology this morning.


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Jan 6, 2012
Many happy returns of the day to Knit!

Last night I found one of those amber plastic medicine vials that @PerfumedLady used to pack her samples in for swaps. I must have had it for at least four years, and not a single drop seems to have evaporated. Remember how she wrapped her sample caps in that stretchy medical tape? I guess it really works.

It's a batch of five quite offbeat scents, all very autumnal. I thought maybe if I tried them all I might conjure her returning to us. Unfortunately,, the first one I chose for today was an utter disaster.

Hyacinth and a Mechanic by Tauer

I should have known from the name this wouldn't be for me, since I hate petrol smells of any kind. And this one is a doozy -- I can't smell a single hyacinth, but it smells just as it says, a metal shop where all the tools are soaked in oil. It smells almost exactly like when I burned out the clutch in my Volkswagen beetle.



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Oct 18, 2005
Home again....I wore Rosarium the whole visit. I have Petal there, too. I need to branch out. Thinking...thinking...thinking. There is no way I can continue with two fragrances in Kentucky. Some problems are pleasant!

sote: Sent me into the spare room to search....I came up with Fresh Pink Jasmine.

Edit to add: Well for God's sake. How long have I been trying to be a good wardrobe Basenoter and now I am adding Fresh Pink Jasmine to my wardrobe. I've owned it....forever. Lordy.

Also, it reminds me of Zents Petal. I can't say I get much jasmine from it. Maybe that's why I never wear it....maybe that's why it never made it inot my wardrobe.

It's pleasant for me. I think I'll take it to Kentucky. It ought to have another name, though. Jasmine, it ain't.
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