[Women's] SOTD Wednesday 29th of June 2022

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Jul 1, 2011
Wednesday syncing with Guerlain Vetiver



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Basenotes Plus
Oct 18, 2005
@Trilby Lark , Lord yes! I'm sure the booster is a factor, but the juggling is very tiring I find. I've only been at it two weeks. I got new bedding washed and on the guest bed for us sisters, changed Mom's sheets, did laundry, cleaned kitchen, and cooked but there isn't as much time as I thought there would be for vacuuming and sweeping. I never got around to it. Turns out an 87yo demented, stroked, and knee sprained woman requires a lot of care.

Mom can't remember anything....except for the cute pair of sandals she saw two weeks ago. She could pick them out on my sister's phone and thank goodness I'm not on sandal detail.

Mom can't follow the plot of movies....but who needs a plot when it's Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing. I think it's the first time she'd seen it, and my sister arrived just at the final triumphant dance scene. The fool woman walked in front of the TV, and I thought I might be watching another stroke, live and in person.

Mom hasn't been eating enough to maintain her weight. We write down everything she eats. I made a couple meals worth of chicken broccoli gluten free spaghetti Alfredo-like thing, involving half stick of butter, a cup shaved Parmesan, and half and half. I had to warn her I wasn't going to clean up any puke if she made herself sick. "Oh, I won't eat it all!" She left about four bites and still wanted her Lindor extra dark chocolate truffles x 2.

My brother hit me up to hem up some pants for him and tried to convince me the small tractor with it's finishing mower was a very smooth ride and wouldn't hurt my back at all. He's not my mother but I love him so dearly. He's a miracle of fortitude, hard work, and faith.

So I told my sister he really needed these pants hemmed up and I hit the road. :geek:

sote-- Apres L'Ondee
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