[Women's] SOTD Sunday 2nd of April 2023

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Oct 25, 2007
Le Temps Des Songes by Fiilit Parfums


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Jan 6, 2012
Best wishes for a happy BN anniversary, Kiliwia, and also for a speedy end to all your interminable snow and ice.

Does anyone else here share my fetish for vintage body powders from classic perfume houses? (PerfumedLady used to be my powder pal. I still miss her.) I've almost given up hunting for them since the prices became so laughable a couple of years ago. But apparently miracles still happen, because I just received a full one of Yves Saint Laurent "Y" yesterday that I found on eBay for $25.


The prices now ($150USD and up) seem doubly ridiculous to anyone who a) knows that they don't hold their scent very well over the years, so your chances of getting a dud are pretty high, and b) remembers when all the major perfumes produced them and they cost about $20-30.

Luckily this one is still pretty lushly scented, and I'm going to dust myself heavily with it on top of my already-applied SOTD, Cristalle EDT by Chanel. Later today I'll pair it with its proper vintage sister, some "Y" parfum.


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Jun 19, 2005
Hello and best to everyone. 🫂❤️

Happy BNiversary, Kiliwia!

Cookbot I always loved body powders, though it’s been ages since I’ve used any. (And I love soaps-I miss the days when a full complement of a fragrance’s ancillary products was available.) I’m joining you in YSL today with vintage Opium.


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Feb 16, 2023
The week is drawing to a close but at least so is the cold rainy weather! Which is great for me fragrance-wise because suddenly most of my wardrobe is available to me again :giggle: I'm so glad I can smell things again!

Today I went to the nursery. They were selling some white violets and it was actually my first time smelling Viola odorata, the species of violets used in violet leaf absolute for perfumery.

What also amazed me was, it smelled very reminiscent of Arche, my bespoke perfume from AbdesSalaam Attar.



Violet leaf is one of the main ingredients and notes, but somehow the combination of the other ingredients even captured the scent of the violet flowers. I've discovered yet another thing about this wonderful fragrance.

So SOTD today is Arche! Not in the database of course and I doubt it would qualify, but doesn't stop me from singing its praises here.
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