[Women's] SOTD Sunday 26th of March 2023

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Oct 25, 2007
Camina by Fiilit


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Sep 1, 2010
Morning all!


Welcome back @foxbins, love the pic. More, please! :)

Our clocks went forward last night for the start of "British summertime", so l'm a little bleary-eyed after losing an hour's sleep, but looking forward to walking home from work in daylight later.

l'm wearing Flower Market for another long shift today, & there's probably only one or two wears left in my bottle...


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Sep 3, 2022
Weekend synching with Malin + Goetz Stem

Today - I'm getting more floral notes than stem notes.
Becomes a fancy airy floral soap after an hour on my skin.
For fancy airy floral soap - it's not bad.
I'm just not a fan of perfumes that mimic fancy airy floral soap.

At least my skin isn't doing anything tragic to Stem - unlike many other fragrances in this category where the base feels like someone is suffocating me with orange Dial bar soap.

I guess that's a win.


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Jun 9, 2022
First time properly wearing Le Cri (Parfum d'Empire).
Unfortunately, I'm finding my opinion unchanged from when I first tried this in that I love the first 10 minutes in all their sparkling iris glory, but then rose comes fully to the forefront as the dominant note for me, and I guess my ambivalence about rose leaves me underwhelmed by the scent as a whole.
The opening really is so beautiful though, I wish it lasted longer.
@tdem1961 I really need to try 22 now that I've gotten over my aldehyde-phobia. Do you like any of the current/recent formulations?


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Jul 17, 2022
Good afternoon all. I completely forgot the clocks changed and woke up at the usual time, but late. It's quite odd and has left me feeling a little bamboozled.

Trying 4160 Tuesdays - Paris 1948, as a weekend sync choice. A chypre re-imagining of a classic french perfume. Peach is quite dominant, though to my nose not true peach. I am hoping that will lessen as it dries down, not that it's unpleasant, but with a woody, mossy addition, a little odd.

Hugs to those that need it and hope that today is a better day.


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Jun 19, 2005
@tdem1961 I really need to try 22 now that I've gotten over my aldehyde-phobia. Do you like any of the current/recent formulations?
Hi @strangelight, my 22 is edt from Les Exclusifs, and I’ve had this bottle since I think 2012 or so. I haven’t tried current or recent but I’d be curious - I say give it a shot. 😊


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Jan 6, 2012
Foxbins, wonderful photo. I wouldn't have thought that tigers lounged in rivers. I'm with Teardrop: more photos please. And I hope you got to experience some great Indian food, too.

It's raining here today, in that perfect spring way -- soft, slightly warm, nothing stormy about it. In searching for something for the weekend sync, I was surprised by how many appropriate green florals and chypres I had, given my self-described floraphobia. I pulled out a bunch to go through them this week, and am starting with an old favorite: original "Y" by Yves Saint Laurent, a scent that goes all the way back to high school for me. My best friend, whose family was rich while mine was poor, had "Y" and various Diors on her dresser, which were a revelation to me after a lifetime of Avon.

Green, bright, buoyant, hopeful. Just like spring.



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Sep 5, 2013
@CookBot (where did your punctuation go?) and @teardrop. Tigers like water and swim well. I have a photo of one with just his head sticking up out of the pond but it's taken from far away, so I won't post it. The first two lodges I stayed had okay food, but the third lodge had a great chef 20230312_160915.jpg and meals were delicious. I love mutton and ate lots of it, and had paratha paneer rolls for lunch when they were an option. I did eat a steak when I got home :) Here's a tiger in the road. My jet lag is improving so I might wear something light, like Kyoto.


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Oct 18, 2005
(((@Kotori ))) I am sorry for your loss, and sorry for how shocking it is. Because it is shocking, a betrayal of our expectations and sense of security in our life's contract. Hugs to you, virtual hugs, but know if I were there the hugs would be real.

sotd : Polo Blue


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May 29, 2020
Good evening everyone, My sote is this- A real white Jade Orchid (as known as white champaca) natural fragrance.

It’s beautiful! I am in heaven now.


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Dec 31, 2006
I only wore the scent I sprayed on at Aesop the new one, coming out next month: Gloam. It did not grab me, but I am looking forward to testing it again. Notes are listed here on Now Smell This.


Nonetheless, the Sales Associates at the Aesop store were so sweet and so interested to hear my thoughts on the other fragrances in their line that I like. I don't think they get a lot of male fragrance enthusiasts in there.
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