[Women's] SOTD Saturday 25th of March 2023

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Dec 26, 2010


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Jan 21, 2006
@mikeperez23 - You inspired me to go testing, but my local stores didn’t have the new Hermes. None of the SAs had any idea what I was talking about. I’m glad you’re feeling better.

@Franco65 Stop laughing at my blind behind! Just kidding.

@N.CAL Fragrance Reviewer - I finally smelled Eau Sauvage! (the new one.) It wasn’t as “savage” as I had expected! I was quite surprised.

@sakecat - Your sense of humor always has me rolling! My aunt used to wear Poison and her chemistry brought the berry barf accord forward, as well

@Twiggy - Would you recommend? I really enjoy those notes.

@Ken_Russell - That scent sounds marvelous! Do you put your stamp of approval on it?

@fanny - Is it more rose or more incense? Turkish rose? I’ve been curious about that one for a while.

@foxbins - That is majestic! What an amazing trip!
With apologies in advance, sending out virtual compliments for so many wonderful fragrance choices.
And yes, from a personal viewpoint alone, worth at least some if not more overt approval in favor of (re) testing and further exploring this fragrance-at least regarding its often inexpensive cost, doubled by solid value for money/price quality ratio.


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Dec 31, 2006
Kotori - ((bear hugs))

Jo Malone, the Sales Associate paid attention to another customer the whole time (which was fine with me) so I got to sniff whatever I wanted. I smelled the scent CeeTee mentioned (I think yesterday), the Davana & Honeysuckle Cologne. I liked it, but I only smelled it on a scent strip. Definitely honeysuckle...I have to be honest I do not know what Davana smells like. I didn't spray it on skin. I also smelled Silver Birch & Lavender Cologne you know me I love lavender so I sprayed it on skin. Bad idea. The base notes are very lingering and headache inducing (reviews from Fragrantica say its got Ambroxan so no surprise there). I smelled it on my arm all afternoon. I would imagine they were going for a 'crispness' in the lavender notes, but to my nose its a synthetic mess. I can't imagine trying that again. I saw a Room Spray that had lavender in it, but I passed on spraying it in the air. They did not have testers for any of the upcoming Jo Malone's I read about on Now Smell This (4 new British-inspired-collection - they do this every year).

Hermes counter (at Bloomingdales) had the new Hermes. Instant love. Not sure I like the drydown....it smelled very familiar. I couldn't put my finger on it. It's this unique cereal note that has sweetness to it. I'm determined to figure out what that base note smells like. In the meantime, for a 'garden Cologne' its pretty damn unique. I"m reminded of when L'Artisan were releasing many of Jean Claude Ellena's stuff like Bois Farine and/or when he was redoing the Eau des Merveilles' for Hermes. I haven't loved a new Jardin in years, this might be the one. But, as I said, I have to make sure I can make peace with those base notes...so further testing is in order. Off to eBay to see if I can buy samples there.



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Feb 16, 2023
Today I'm wearing my 3ml vial of Il Giglio di Firenze. According to the website: "The main ingredients are Iris, concrete and absolute, Ambergris tincture, Mimosa, Frangipani."

At 44 Euro without doubt this is the most expensive sample I've ever purchased, but it is heavenly. My vocabulary deserts me, it's just such a warm enveloping fluffy golden glow. No other niche iris perfume I've smelled even begins to compare and they all smell like pale synthetic imitations next to it; and I say this as someone who owns some!

Without doubt one of the most convincing I've ever encountered for the case of ingredient quality and that synthetics are not needed to make a beautiful, unique, elegant perfume that is also very wearable. I'm also lucky in that this lasts forever on me, a solid 8~10 hours last time around.

I'm being very sorely tempted for a bottle. Maybe one day! For now, I will be enjoying my sample for as long as I can.


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Oct 14, 2015
Escada Rockin’ Rio today for my friend’s funeral. She and I both used to wear this years ago. I have her my last bottle when they discontinued it. This is a mini. She was 39 and I’m having trouble wrapping my head around it.
My sincerest condolences 😞. That’s way too young, and certainly difficult to grasp. Heart and thoughts to you during this time. I hope you and her family all find peace during this tragic time.

As a side note: you all in this thread smell amazing today.
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