[Women's] SOTD Friday 26th of November 2021

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Oct 25, 2007

Sutton by Parfum De Marly



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Jan 3, 2019
Hopefully the Thanksgiving went well for all of you. I'm thankful for Basenotes and its wonderful people. Hugs to you all.

Congrats on the new job, @ComDiva! It sounds great!

I wore Gucci Guilty Absolute pour femme yesterday (and Molinard Habanita for the night), and Guerlain Lui today. All have something to do with leather for today's Leather and Tobacco synch. I might put on some Bottega Veneta for the evening - if I don't start craving something else later. :)

I had a couple of busy days, so trying to catch up with all of you during my lunch break. Food and a quiet minute for yourself - two more super important things to be thankful for.


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Jun 19, 2005
Hello and best to everyone. Congratulations, @ComDiva ! They are lucky and smart to have you.

In synch and joining Nom de Guerre in Serge Lutens Fumerie Turque. Wish you all a good day and weekend to come.


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Oct 18, 2005
Happy birthday Mike!!!!

Congratulations to ComDiva! They are so fortunate to have you with them!

I'm wearing Black Jade by Lubin from a sample for work. Tonight I'll switch to Cuir de Russie edp to sync. I tend to really amplify leather in fragrances; best if I don't wear them to work.


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Dec 31, 2006
THANK YOU all for the Birthday wishes (I turn 51 today)

I had a great Turkey Day with may aunts/uncles/cousins and Giancarlo yesterday (we didn't do Turkey, instead we grilled steaks) and today Giancarlo and I have off work and he's got a surprise planned for me. I have NO idea what we're doing & I'm excited.

By the way: I have been off work all week (a generous gift from my boss) and it's been great!

I am on my way to Cross Fit in a tiny dab of this - but later of course I will change into something more celebratory and meaningful to me. Maybe one of my mom's mini-perfume bottles that my Dad gave me. Let's see....

Vetiver Nocturne Absolu by Bortnikoff Perfumes



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Aug 9, 2005
I guess I don't have even a sample of anything with a tobacco note. I'm not opposed to it. Strangely haven't encountered a fragrance with it. Might not be a totally appropriate note for a lung cancer patient to wear to the clinic for treatment this morning anyhow. 😦
I do have and like leather scents, and I see in Bois de Jasmin's 2005 review of VIP Room, my SoTD, she hints there is smokiness to this perfume:

On the scent strip, the top accord of flowers and hesperidic notes has an airy, sunny quality before it begins to segue into the sweet, subtly rubbery smokiness of the heart. …​
However, on the skin, the nuance does not seem to be sustained as well, and over time I notice a rather pronounced sweetness of the fruit competing with the smoky tonality of the leather accord.​
The rubbery sweetness is the aspect I particularly like about Bulgari Black, and in some aspects, VIP Room is reminiscent of it, although not as complex. However, where Black maintains an austere, yet very sensual darkness—its sweetness merely an accent, rather than the dominating trait, VIP Room imbues its leather with the pronounced honeyed sweetness.​


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Jul 5, 2010
Happy Birthday, Mike! Being off for the week that includes both Thanksgiving and your birthday is a nice gift, for sure! Have fun tonight!

What fantastic news, (((ComDiva)))! Congratulations! They are adding a fantastic person to their ranks!

RHM and Kotori, you both smelled fantastic yesterday (and Kewart today)! Visa and Rush are two of my favorite cold-weather peachy florals.

I, too, am very thankful for this Basenotes family, and I'm especially thankful to have met some of you in real life. I wore Camel yesterday - its stewed fruits and sunny amber smelled perfect.

I totally forgot it was a sync day. It doesn't feel like a normal Friday! I'm wearing Tam Dao EDT at the moment. Will sync later.
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Jan 6, 2012
Very happiest of birthdays to Mike P, a gentleman of the most delightfully eclectic perfume taste! And congrats to ComDiva on her good news.

I'm in original Havana (1994) on my left arm for the Friday sync, and feeling just a liiiiitle bit uncomfortable in its ultra-maleness today. Strange, because I love wearing it in the summer.

On the right arm I'm wearing Havana Pour Elle (1995) which goes way too far in the other direction, being an undistinguisnhed fruity-floral with a generic vanilla/amber base.

I guess there's just no pleasing me today.


I wish the Pour Elle smelled like the Ava Gardner clone in this advert, but alas, it's more like Britney Spears.



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Jun 4, 2006
Hello, and 🎂 HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dear scent brother, Mike!!! 🎂

Thank you all for the job congrats - I'm excited about it, too! Also, Ms. Q, I think the shirt is perfect, and you are a total badass! Wishing you an easy and successful infusion.

For the sync, I'm finally getting to sample Neil Morris Fragrances Sherlock. It's early in the wearing yet, but I'm liking it so far. Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille for my SOTE.

Fabulous Friday to everyone!

Sherlock fragrance notes: bergamot, star anise, ginger, coriander, caramel, suede, black tea, cade, tonka bean, cypress, juniper wood. 🎂
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Jul 1, 2011
Thank you all for the job congrats - I'm excited about it, too! Also, Ms. Q, I think the shirt is perfect, and you are a total badass! Wishing you an easy and successful infusion.

For the sync, I'm finally getting to sample Neil Morris Fragrances Sherlock. It's early in the wearing yet, but I'm liking it so far. MTom Ford Tobacco Vanille for my SOTE.
Congrats on your new job ComDiva 🍺

How are you liking Sherlock? I remember liking this one when I sampled it.

I'm sampling for the first time ever Guerlain Shalimar Millesime Vanilla Planifolia - just sprayed it on my arm 5 minutes ago.


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Sep 5, 2013
ComDiva, sending you a big hug and congratulations on the job!

Mike, Happy Birthday! You do not look 51! 🎂

Yesterday felt like a Saturday, and today feels like a Saturday, and tomorrow will actually be a Saturday, so my day clock is all off. I’m wearing Shalimar MVP today from a split (waving at N. Cal), and it’s very nice but I still like my Mexique better. It’s like Shalimar on training wheels, and I like a little more heft. I haven’t bought any perfume today, but I bought a lot of yarn on sale for blankets to make as gifts and some chocolate. Wishing everyone a tranquil and restorative weekend.
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Apr 27, 2006
Hello everyone :) First of all Happy birthday to Mike and congratulations to Comdiva on the new job too :) For the synch today I'm in Vtg Cuir de russie edt. It's a splashbottle, not sure how old. It smells lovely :) Smooth leather with iris what's most dominatibg notes on my skin. Have a great day everyone :)
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