[Women's] SOTD Friday 12th of August 2022

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Jul 1, 2011
Friday Syncing with Tom Ford Amber Absolute - Probably my favorite take for amber by far - it has a resin like feel with a back drop of oriental supporting it.


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Apr 27, 2006
Good morning everyone :) Today I feel tired, but happy and my muscles feel sore after yesterday's concerts. Nick Cave was fantastic, but I really had to get dome help from guys around to not being totally squashed :p I made it quite far to the front :D Sotd today for the synch is Tam dao with the sandalwood. Later today I will go perfume sniffing and shopping :D

Trilby Lark

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Feb 17, 2013
I'm wearing Dior Dune today.

My excitement for today will be watching the Yankees baseball game at my friend's house. Sadly, they are winning as much lately. 😑 But that won't stop us from having fun!


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Jan 6, 2012
My internet was out for 3 days and I'm still a little shaky. Every 5 minutes I was saying "I'll just look that up...." No, no I won't. The repairman who came to fix the outside wires was wearing Terre d'Hermes, which made me smile. Big burly guy in heavy boots and overalls.

On Wednesday night I dreamed that I was in a cafe and @foxbins was playing the mandolin and singing with Tom Waits. Go figure. I did recently see a movie with Tom Waits in it, but why I put together Foxbins with a mandolin, I have no idea.

Friday syncing in two favorite notes in one very favorite perfume: the galbanum and lentiscus in Ninfeo Mio by Annick Goutal.



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Dec 31, 2006
Trilby - Bois des Iles is magical. Especially the Parfum, but the Exclusif version is equally enthralling. I once found vintage EdC of it and it was amazing. Plus vintage juice def has Mysore sandalwood.

I was NOT in Sync today but I smelled good in:

Santal Sultan (Perfume) by Ensar Oud


It's equal parts sandalwood + vetiver in very rich doses. Lasts forever.
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