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A few impressions from the Nordstrom perfume counters:

Original Vetiver - Um, I never knew this was so freaking SPANKTACULAR. Absolutely my type of fragrance: top is bright and gingery, middle is buttery iris root/sandalwood, and the end is smoother-than-smooth Haitian vetiver. I feel like it's the love child of Sienne l'Hiver, Eau Premiere, and Encre Noire, which is possibly why I responded so well to it.

Selection Verte - Deliciously herbaceous/minty middle softens the lime-citrus blast. V. nice!

Aventus - Lol, it's basically pineapple cologne with a veil of rose/patchouli over it. Not too light, not too heavy, has good tenacity. I actually really liked this.

Sisley 1, 2, 3 - There isn't a bad fragrance in this trio and I'd happily wear any of them. But the only real stand-out for me was 2, the (surprise, surprise) green one with all the herbs. I need to try them all again, however.

Bellissima - Generic.

Bleu de Chanel - It's a pink pepper party attended by citrus and maybe a handful of wood chips. I mean, it's nice (it's a bit sweeter than I anticipated but that's fine), though it does have an unfortunate 'eau de smells-like-everything-else' factor going on.

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