Why I prefer unbranded clothes


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Jun 7, 2022
Lately, I've been wearing clothes with no branding, or at least very light to mostly unnoticable branding. I also avoid clothes with words/sentences, images, icons, etc. Maybe some clothes will have an abstract pattern here and there but subtle.

1) With a brand, you're essentially setting a price on yourself. Maybe a cheap brand is worth $25, a mid-range brand is worth $100, and maybe a high-end brand at $1000. But why set a price on yourself when you can be priceless? With unbranded clothes, it might cost $10 or even $2000, no one would know.

2) More important aspects of fashion are the fit, fabric and colors. Especially the fit. If those are done well, then a $10 unbranded shirt could look like a really expensive shirt.

3) Even within brands, there's not necessarily a guarentee of status or quality. Especially for bigger brands, where there's a big variance in price and quality; two clothes of the same brand can be very different.

4) Do you really want to flex with a high end brand? If you're working to middle class, people will know you're spending a large % of your paycheck just to impress them. And if you're upper class, do you really want to attract people to you that only value you for your money.

5) I like the mystique of being unbranded. Your clothes are subtle and subdued, so that means your face and personality stand out more.


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Feb 8, 2017
When I was in high school in the late seventies, I loved wearing Ralph Lauren polo, dress shirts, and crewneck sweaters. Felt some kind of pride I guess. Not too long after that, I outgrew that phase, and for decades, have refused to wear any clothing with a brand or designer label. Why promote a line for someone else's profit? I also feel that if one is confident in oneself, that confidence is the only label they need.


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Oct 25, 2007
When I was more present at my company on a regular basis, always wore tailored suits, shirts, ties and shoes, all branded (though not visible) as the job and position as president required my doing so and I enjoyed it. Now, only at the occasional executive board meeting.


You smell good! 😄
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Dec 18, 2011
I don't mind small branding/logos. Sometimes they can even add to the appeal.

But I don't care to be a walking advertisement for a company, with their name emblazoned all the way down an arm or leg. Then it just becomes cheap and tacky.

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