Who are the valid distributors/dealers of fragrances?


New member
May 25, 2023
Just registered here for this question.
I felt in love with parfumes. One day i was thinking, if i could open eshop and start selling them online in my country.
Started googling but usually it gives me strange websites. They look very strange.
How does this business work? All big companies such Dior,Armani, Cartier , they simply dont do b2b directly? Are they all selling their products(fragrances) to distributors?
When i type "official parfum distributor european union" to google i can see results such:
branded perfumes
and thats all? I am not sure if this is because i am on VPN at work.
Do you know who is valid seller/distributor for central europe? Tried sephora,douglas but found only small locals which are also sellers.
PS: i see this is probably usa website, but i am trying even i am from Europe :)

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