Which scent gets you the most compliments? Pt.2


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Jun 24, 2009
I've been spending most of my year trying many different fragrances whenever I step out. This forum has been a real direction provider so thanks folks lol. Most of my compliments come from pretty popular stuff I guess. Ordering as best I can. Sorry for the lengthiness

1. MFK BR540 Extrait - . People have really gone out of there way to ask me about what I'm wearing with this. Pizza shops, malls, even got pulled aside at a funeral for this one oddly enough. There's a stranger in my face almost any time I'm out with this. A mask penetrator for sure lol. Its definitely my #1 for compliments by far.
2. Creed Aventus - Haven't rocked this much lately, but when I do there's a good chance someone will comment. I feel this is easy money on most folks.
3. MFK Amyris Homme - Most recent pickup. One of the few fragrances that I like on me as much as others do. Handful of compliments from coworkers and friends.
4. V&R Spice Bomb (original and extreme) - I've noticed the people that really enjoy this on me have made absolutely 0 mention of (or dislike) anything else I wear lol. The exception being #5. Most compliments for both seem to come from dates/interests. I wonder what it is.
5. Dior Homme Eau for men - see 4.
6. Paco Rabanne 1 million - I find most of my compliments with this come mostly from male friends or passersby, but it definitely performs.
7. Imaginary Authors - Memoirs of a Trespasser. Another recent pickup. The comments on it are very brief but positive. I enjoy it.
8. Prada Luna Rosa - Solid getter as well. Rarely in the mood to wear it though.
9. John Varvatos Artisan - was complimented a few months back in a grocery store where a woman pulled me in by the arm out to sniff again.

This year has been wild for me when it comes to compliments. I'm normally used to a handful of mentions if any at all. Ill take it lol.
Grizzly do you have similar comments on BR540 EDP?


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Nov 14, 2021
Grizzly do you have similar comments on BR540 EDP?
I've only worn the EDP from a decant a few times, and got no real remarks on it. I like it, but It doesn't seem to last long on me at all. My ex once said she couldn't tell I was wearing anything, and when took a deep sniff said I smelled nice but also kinda waxy like lipstick lol.


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Basenotes Plus
Apr 3, 2020
Got an enthusiastic compliment from my girlfriend yesterday on Cedrat Boise who said it smells very masculine.

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