Which scent gets you the most compliments? Pt.2


Basenotes Dependent
Feb 14, 2013
Yikes...second day in a row...I walked into the room and my wife came in close for a sniff and said it smells like Spring (which is the first day of Spring). I've been wanting to wear since I mentioned it in a recent thread by Pippin. Christopher Street. (y)


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Jan 27, 2023
I just started wearing perfume/cologne again after decades of not. So far Fred Hayman ...with Love seems to be noticed. But I'm not sure it's real compliments...


Basenotes Dependent
Aug 9, 2009
I've worn Prada Luna Rossa Carbon out of the house about four times. Three times I've gotten compliments on it. Again tonight.
LOL. Over 100 carefully chosen frags and a Sauvage smell alike gets noticed.

Actually in fairness, I had a guy asking me about Antaeus earlier this week. He sincerely wanted to know what it was and where to get it


New member
Apr 3, 2023
Doppelgänger Gold Label from Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements. It is beyond fantastic. It is an homage/clone of Creed Royal Mayfair. It smells fresh and super high dollar (like Rolls-Royce’s and Windsor knots).
Mar 23, 2023
When I first used Dunhill icon racing EDP, my female colleagues liked the smell. One of them asked me for the perfume's name so she could buy it for her boyfriend.
On the other hand, my wife likes Calvin Klein Truth for Men EDT.


Basenotes Junkie
Jun 24, 2009
First two days wearing it, I got compliments in the first 3 hours of applying....and it's still cool spring weather 6-10 degrees Celsius.

Scent is Afternoon Swim!

Didn't expect this from this one, thought it was a skin scent.


Basenotes Junkie
Jun 24, 2009
At the gym, 10 mins on the bike....someone screams out, hey you wearing cologne to me? what is it called I need it asap.

Chanel Paris-Edimburgh. I love this scent, its like my Swiss army knife, perfect everywhere


New member
Jun 16, 2022
Creed Royal Oud, but it only lasts 3-4 hours on my skin before fading off into memory. Staying power is not so great on me for the $$, but folks love it when they can smell it.


Super Member
Mar 5, 2015
I don’t think any fragrance that I’ve owned has gotten asked about as often as Tom Ford’s Oud Minerale (gray bottle). Often multiple times in a day whenever I wear it, I will be asked what I’m wearing (in a good way!).

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