Which current formulation of these is better: Bogart Signature vs. Jaguar PH vs. Versace L'Homme

Sep 11, 2021
That is to say, the current formulation taken in itself, regardless of whether it remains loyal to the vintage version. I'm considering blind buy one of these and need some advice.


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Dec 21, 2020
Jaguar for Men is the only one of the three that I own both in vintage (wooden cap) and current form. The reformulation fares well in direct A-B comparison, even though I know some say it's horrible. Well, there are differences but they are quite minimal to my nose (talking about the current silver cap produced by Lalique).

I have a 2013 bottle of Bogart Signature, which lists both oakmoss and tree moss in the ingredients list (not sure if the most current one still does) and it smells great. I haven't felt any need to seek out the vintage.


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Sep 13, 2004
Bogart Signature is still great, although older versions are more "oakmossy".
I haven't tried Versace L'homme "deep vintage" (with thinner font) yet, but I own the last two versions (light brown and dark brown boxes) and they are pretty similar to me. Both really nice.
Jaguar is the one I would recommend caution. The newest version seemed more shallow and soapy than I expected.


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Jan 21, 2006
Owning, enjoying and/or having known, as well as tested all three including in their current (while also the vintage) formulation - slightly more inclined and not just due to having incidentally chosen this as the SOTD to recommend Bogart Signature as the top choice among these

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