Not a Bug When two SOTDs are worn, only one shows on list

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Jan 20, 2009
I think Grant did this for a reason years ago. There were people, imagine that, who wanted to amp um the wears of a certain fragrance or more of them, so they were clicking wears and wears and wears. In some instance all you could see was their "wear" of a single particular fragrance in the SOTD and barely other wears...or yours. What Grant did was set the 7 hour time partition between the frags you post in the SOTD. Now, they do appear on your personal SOTD list even if you're trigger happy minute by minute, just not in the general section.


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Sep 29, 2000
This is as designed. You can post as many SOTD's as you like, but it will only show the most recent one on the main feed. If you view all of your SOTDs you will see all you have entered.

There is currently no 7 hour limit on SOTDs in case people want to add things for editting dates etc

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