when a blind buy is a beauty


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Apr 9, 2020
Hi,i know blind buying isn't really the thing to do,but i do it every now and then
Sometimes the risk is worth it.Just bought 1805 by Beaufort of london....love it| wow what a scent.
Wondering about other folks blind buy beauties?


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May 18, 2016
It's a risky but I've had some great luck recently. It's a kind of dopamine chase I suspect haha. Vintage Azzaro Pour Homme, vintage Aramis Tuscany, and New York Intense were recent blind buys and they are tops for me at the moment. I did a fair amount of judicious research before buying though.


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Jul 25, 2015
Congrats on your blind buy success, jal123! It's really gratifying when that happens. I blind-bought quite a bit in my collecting days, and had very few regrets.


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Dec 6, 2018
im about 50/50 on blind buys. always have been able to sell or swap the ones i didnt like though, so not like it was ever a total loss.


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Jul 5, 2017
Most of my collection has been built on blind buys. Have there been some duds? Yeah, but I have sampled and made purchases based on favorable impressions that also turned out to be duds. On top of that, if you're into vintage fragrances, that's pretty much your only choice.


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Nov 5, 2010
1805 beaufort is most definitely not a safe blind buy. So it's great that you love it.

I almost never buy blindly. I've only done a few exceptions when the perfume had strong recommendation from people who described it well and whom I trust.



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Jan 21, 2006
Personally had the luck to experience this many times.
However the highlights included so far Habit Rouge, Lapidus PH, Sartorial, Arden Men Sandalwood, Trussardi Jeans Men, Tasmeem by Rasasi, several Bogarts, Francesco Smalto PH and a few more scents did happen to buy with no prior testing and in no particular order that eventually became wardrobe highlights.


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Feb 16, 2019
Most of my collection has been built on blind buys. Have there been some duds? Yeah, but I have sampled and made purchases based on favorable impressions that also turned out to be duds. On top of that, if you're into vintage fragrances, that's pretty much your only choice.

This sums up my approach pretty well. As long as a fragrance is well constructed with a few notes I like, I’m not going to be too disappointed. I had a few misses in my early days but now that I know which notes/accords/houses/perfumers/etc I like and dislike, I never feel like I’m taking too big of a risk.

Recently bought MPG Route du Vetiver blind - even though I love vetiver and had a good sense of the notes, it has such a reputation for being at the far extreme end of dirty vetiver that I was a bit unsure. It is a wild scent but I’m happy with it.

My best ever blind buy was probably Encre Noire. It was love at first sniff. That was two and a half years ago, and it’s still one of my all time favorites. Ditto Elie Saab Oud.

Ed Wardian

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Oct 28, 2020
Most of my collection has been built on blind buys. Have there been some duds? Yeah, but I have sampled and made purchases based on favorable impressions that also turned out to be duds. On top of that, if you're into vintage fragrances, that's pretty much your only choice.

Once the collector mindset takes its throne, its intuition and nature sways the heart every time over the mind... Blind buys are gambles but are part of the game especially for those who have a penchant for classics... Totally agree!

I just picked up a supposed Pino Silvestre vintage Aftershave Splash from a dealer in Cyprus...


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Jul 16, 2004
Nice that you found a winner, jal123!

Only one blind buy, Mugler Aura edp, not a safe blind buy by any means. My first thought was “What the—is this?!” :huh:

It took several wearing attempts over time to appreciate its odd notes and now I like it and have since used it up and bought a larger second bottle.


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Oct 13, 2020
I've done my share of blind buys over the years. Some great, some awful, while most were mediocre.

The best was Aigner Super Fragrance for Men.

The worst was Fashion Two Twenty pour Homme

The mediocre ones sooner or later disappeared from my wardrobe.

I have one en route I've never smelled, but meant to try a long time ago. Patchouli Magique by Novaya Zarya. I'm a sucker for patchouli.

Rick58 & Beth62

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Dec 27, 2019
I blind buy almost everything, and I’ve netted more beauties than disappointments. I must lead a charmed life. Or have terrible taste.

+1 to all the above.

I didn’t get the shopping gene, I don’t like going to stores, I don’t enjoy interacting with SAs. Almost everything I buy is a blind buy. My FB collection isn’t huge (about 135) and there’s only one I won’t wear - it was a cheapie so no harm, no foul. I don’t regret any of them.

As for the blind buy winners a few recent ones: Bee by Zoologist, Contre Bombarde 32 by Sauf, 1889 Moulin Rouge by Histoires de Parfums, Sycomore by Chanel, Russian Leather by Memo.


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Apr 9, 2020
Great feedback everyone.Thankyou.my other blind buys include...oud malaki by chopard,Camel by Zoologist,La yuqawam by rassari,Encre noir and The Dreamer by versace.Happy with them all really but of course ,like some more than others.I agree with the Ed Wardian comment.its all part of the game.He who dares,wins!!!!!!


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May 31, 2020
I suppose I'm a bit of a gambler (after plenty of research) when it comes to things like this, but I've luckily had few pure duds. Here are 5 of my favorite blind buys...

1 - Mem
2 - New York Intense
3 - Azemour les Orangers
4 - Lampblack
5 - La Fumee Arabie

3 recent ones that knocked me out, from Abdes Salaam Attars: Tartar Leather, Sea Wood, and Oak Moss.


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Jul 20, 2015
Here are some that come to mind. In one or two cases, I might have had a sample first before getting a bottle, I can't remember, but these posters put me on the case for these perfumes, and they were all good:

Deleanu - Realm
Aero58 - Quorum, Charles Jourdan Un Homme
drseid - Bijan for Men, Monsieur de Givenchy, Giorgio Beverly Hills for Men, Patou Pour Homme Prive
AceyMan - Jean Marie Farina
DuNezDeBuzier - Jules
Purecaramel - Givenchy Gentleman
MegaMav - Versace L'Homme

I've gotten into more stuff from sample swaps with Purecaramel and Epapsiou.
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Nov 4, 2014
Blind buying a Dior is usually pretty safe, IMO. Excluding, of course, Sauvage. LOL

Right. Dior is my favorite house, so I felt pretty safe with those blind buys. Sauvage, though...ugh. I have tried so many times to understand why people like that one, and I always end up scrubbing it off. So glad I never blind bought that one.

Guerlain is much more hit or miss for me. I was very happy with the way Habit Rouge turned out.

mr. reasonable

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Jan 1, 2009
I have had quite a few over the years because until just a few years ago you could really only get mainstream stuff here in HK. There are a handful of Basenotes members whose comments and reviews I followed from way back and it didn't take long to identify those whose tastes echoed my own, so to all of them (and the rest of you) "Thank you!"

A few standouts:

MPG Santal Noble
The original white boxed Amouage Attar (credit to Luca Turin for that one)
Miyako (Luca again!)
Nicolai New York / the original Sacrebleu & Odalisque (come to think of it - Turin once more!)

Anyway - it would be easier to list the disappointments - Ormonde Jayne Man and Killian's Straight to Heaven were fails . . . popular amongst many here but a bit screechy woody splinter up the nostril for me, unfortunately.


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May 15, 2012
I've found some of my favorites by blind buying!

Oh hell, I was typing out a list of successful blind buys, but it was getting long. A bunch of my current wardrobe were blind buys (at least initially)! Probably more than half? Not sure.


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Oct 27, 2016
Early-wardrobe-expansion days if I found something I liked a lot I tended to blind buy from the same line/company if I could find things at a bargain. Some that worked well, some not so much. A few "beauties" that way:

Goutal... forget what I had, maybe eau de Hadrien... bought..

Mandragore this one made my head spin, so many facets to it
Nuit Etoilee a conehead winter favorite

ADP..... had Colonia, a masterpiece.... bought

Bergamotto di Calabria, Fico d'Amalfi, Arianca di Capri..... like all the blue line but those are excellent

Cartier... too many to mention, Declaration, Declaration Essence, L'Envol....

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