Whats your opinion on Ralph Lauren's "Romance Rose" that was released in 2018?


Basenotes Plus
Basenotes Plus
Oct 16, 2014
Pleasantly surprised by this one!if you think this is a super rosy fragrance,you're completely wrong!I was worried this was just going to be another sugar bomb with a touch of rose added in but it isn't at all.on me,it's a soft,fresh,clean rose with a hint of fruitiness & muskiness.it makes me think of sparkly light pink things.nice scent but i wish it had something a little extra in there,perhaps an extra green note or woody note.

It starts with sparkling rose and litchi like pink champagne but rose doesn't last long at all.the fruity note keeps this from veering off into a sour pinchy rose like Stella McCartney.sour roses are beautiful but Romance Rosé is not into them.the dry down is smooth musky.this smells a bit like Tabu Rose.in conclusion,if you want my usual way of describing,i would to say pair with:big pink satin hair ribbons,blushing the tip of your nose,the whole month of April,white lace underwear,no bra,handwritten letters in cream-colored envelopes.

Best Regards.

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