What's Wow'd You Lately?


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Jan 21, 2006
Retested Fleur de Patchouli by Zara yesterday and was pleasantly surprised about how such an inexpensive EDP can include a quite rich yet fresh variety of elegant, non dirty rather soapy unisex patchouli notes.


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Jun 16, 2018
Teo Cabanel - Alahine vintage

Finally a "wow" for me.
I had lost hope, I thought such thing doesn't exists anymore.
It's getting harder and harder.

I used 3 sprays wanting to bathe in it, but it's too much, the balance is way off. It's like a floral candy, the oily texture (Bal a Versailles) is no longer here.

A new type of anxiety - it may be awesome, but you don't know what tomorrow it will be like.
Very annoying!

I hope the next time, when I'll use a single spray, it will be back to how it was.

The vanilla/benzoin + warm animalic musk last for +48 hours!!!


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Apr 30, 2019
Been outside doing some work. Temperture below zero, light snow in the air. Came in, cleaned up, put comfortable clothes on and sanked into a chair. Then the smell from Roja Dove’s Vetiver PH became obvious and hit kust hit me how beautiful it is. I was even wow’d a bit.


Basenotes Institution
Jan 21, 2006
Yves Rocher Sel d'Azur EDP-though listed as feminine, almost unisex in its marine but not particularly aquatic combination between citrus, (seaweed and/or vetiver?) herbal notes and some pleasant salty, even almost earthy-mossy hints towards the end.

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