What's Wow'd You Lately?


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Mar 13, 2020
Everything for Him by Narciso Rodriguez that is not bleu.
The EdT, the EdP, the Musc Collection EdP, the Musc Collection Oil… Wow, what a line! All discontinued, still got them for fair prices (I‘m good at these things). I have already backed up the EdT and Musc, and I think this will be the first brand where I just get the entire line. So, EdP Intense is still missing…:)

Also the house of Memo with their African Leather and Russian Leather, both excellent.


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Mar 9, 2022
As the title asks, what's wow'd you lately? Sure we all have lots of awesome fragrances in our collection but every once in a while we are exposed to one that just clicks all the right buttons at the right time.

For me, it's this today

With the right amount of skank and spice this is just hitting the spot!
ombre leather lol


Basenotes Plus
Basenotes Plus
Jun 2, 2006
Hendley Perfumes, of the big bag of samples brought back from the US, really sticks out in terms of their eminently wearable, high quality, well constructed scents all of which manage to combine comfort and a creative twist. Myst is a divine floral sandalwood that smells like the good old days, Narcis is an amazing floral chypre with a modern personality and Jupiter is like some Platonic essence of a Mediterranean barbershop scent. Makes we want to sample the entire range, this is really my frequency...


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Sep 3, 2022
You may kick me out of the forum after this, but the one fragrance that really wowed med recently, more so than amouages, maison Margiela, Parfums de Marley or others is cloud by ariana grande. I had no expectations and got it as a fun blind buy because it was on sale and 'everyone says it's like baccarat rouge'. It turns out I really like it and I have actually gotten compliments for it, which never happens. It has great projection and longevity too. It's easier to get surprised when your expectations are lower I suppose, and I'm not going to pretend it's smells of 'complex naturals' but still.

Other than that, the Merchant of Venice murano exclusive collection also surprised me. It seems like the consensus is that the fragrances aren't very innovative, but i like many of them more than the fragrances they are compared to and the longevity and sillage are unbeatable.

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