What’s disappointed you recently?


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Sep 3, 2022
The entire Ormande Jayne sample set.

Even popular ones like Montabaco Intensivo, For Her, For Him and Tolu. They're just okay to me and I find the usage of synthetics a bit jarring.
I guess I just don't connect with Geza Schön. I don't like his works for Clive Christian either.


New member
Dec 18, 2022
Ahwaz Helwa. I am so tired of influencers not giving the full report. Or maybe it’s an issue of maceration/maturation. Either way, it is disappointing to receive a gift like this and have nearly zero performance! (It IS a beautiful caramel, despite performance - but no one can smell it on me hardly!). :cry:


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Jan 26, 2020
CoStume National Free d’Homme. Chocolaty patchouli that smells like the late drydown of Akro Dark on the base with some scooter lube. No development, no twists.



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Sep 12, 2019
Etruscan Water - Francesca Bianchi
It is a well blended fragrance for sure! It just does not deliver why I hoped. I wished for a more daring "Eau Sauvage" style fragrance with a contrasting composition of zesty/summery citrus some deeper/more bitter notes of moss. I didn't get any of that, it feels un-expectingly musky, almost soapy. For some reasons, the fragrance it reminds me the more of is Knize Ten Golden edition (which I was also not too enthusiastic for)

Hugh V.

Basenotes Dependent
Dec 9, 2016
Ralph Laure Safari

It's a lot warmer and creamier than I remember it. I remember it smelling like Carier Pasha, and also being kind of rugged and outdoorsy. I finally pulled the trigger on it, and instead, I get something that's creamy, warm, and almost sweet.

Red by Giorgio Beverly hills came to mind. And I really dislike that scent. But I will say, that if Safari is similar to it, and it's not my mind/nose playing tricks on me, then I would argue that Safari is what Red wants to be.

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