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Jul 26, 2011
This thread is ancient!

Indeed it is. At 16 years old, it may set a record for revived thread.

New Years Eve,! I might (just might) even still have had some of my first batch of bottles from the mid-late 90's knocking around then. I was still 4.5 years from joining basenotes. If only I knew...

Edit. the bottle of L'Eau Bleue d'Issey that I was wearing as something of a signature at that time is still around half full today!
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Sep 29, 2022
I seem to be constantly adding new perfumes, so the depletion rate of all of my bottles continually slows. Still, there are some I know I'll have to replace when the time comes:
  • Francesca Bianchi - Under My Skin
    • I've gone through ~10ML of a 30ML bottle in 3 months.
  • Neiman Marcus - Volage
    • Ran through ~10ML of a 30ML bottle in slightly less than three months. Spicy, mossy, oriental. Completely magical and discontinued for about 30 years now.
  • Narciso Rodriguez - For Her EDT (Black Bottle)
  • Christian Dior - Dune
  • Annick Goutal - Duel
  • Chanel - No. 5 (Eau de Cologne)
    • One backup bottle already on hand


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Dec 29, 2021
Wow. This is an ancient thread!

i have backups of TF Ombre Leather, Armani Code Profumo and Dior Homme Intense. I may buy a backup of Dior Homme Parfum if I run across a bottle, but I have lots of other fragrances to keep me busy. 👍


Basenotes Institution
Mar 8, 2017
#MeToo -- I bought three 10ml decants of this wonderful fragrance, then combined them in a single 30ml bottle which I use sparingly. TBH, both my newly-purchased 100ml bottle of CdG Black and Jovoy Private Label give me the delicious aromas of pepper, birch/birch-tar, cedar, leather, and vetiver, so I'd have to think long and hard about repurchasing the Jovoy when it runs-out. Let's revisit this in a year or two (or three), OK? :)
Jovoy Private Label is one I’d like to purchase in time I feel it will serve me well.


Basenotes Junkie
Sep 15, 2009
I don’t go through fragrances very fast, so likely only those most dear to me, and of which I’ve gone through full bottles already:

—Chanel PM EDT
—Aramis (ok, probably the entire Aramis line if they said they were canceling it tomorrow)
—Azzaro PH
—Giorgio Beverly Hills for Men
—Cool Water
—Dior Homme Intense

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