What Oud/Mukhallat are you wearing today?


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Feb 9, 2019
Sapphire Royal Oud by Areej al Ameerat.

Predominately oud - incense - musk.

Smokey and leathery oud/musk.

A nice, traditional blend. Their more expensive Cambodian dahnaloud perfume from their "royal" collection is the better pick.

Not much written about this House. Does anyone else have any experience with them?


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Jun 17, 2021
Yesterday -

Oud yaaseen from @yaaseen.llc - nice entry level Cambodi has some fruitiness and woodiness middle ground it’s clean but has some minor funk to it so a change of pace for me as I’ve mainly been buying clean oils lately.

jinkoh Store : emperor of Brunei ... this oil, its like I'm a drifting in the ocean I can stretches of blue all around and clear skies, mint on the air goes up my nose cooling my brain to zen levels , this oil is BLUE and true to that , blue has been one of the profiles I like a lot so this oil speaks to me.

( my write up from ouddict.)


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Jul 23, 2013
EO Siem Reap wild oud. I get a whiff of smoke, greenery, an interesting stone-mineral note, leather and cooking spices, the latter being very similar to a prominent note in AA Kelantan spray. There is also a mildly sweet, floral, note that pops up once in a while.

1 fat swipe on the forearm projects nicely lasts how long? I'm finding out.


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Apr 6, 2015
Rksons sandalwood on my forearms - this batch is smooth and woody and has great tenacity.

A dab of grandawood sinensis co2 (“triple happiness”) applied to a silver bracelet. Right now I am getting that classic nagarmotha / carrot seed (?) like heart that I have come to associate with kyara and kinam. This is a great sinensis oil, and is pretty “dank” for a co2 extract. Smells in some ways more like a distilled oil.

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