What is the best from Annick goutal for a young women?


Basenotes Dependent
May 7, 2011
I want to gift my girlfriend (24 years old) an annick goutal fragrance.

What are the best from this line for young women?
she currently wears Delina by Parfums de marly, Santal 33 by Le Labo and Good Girl Gone Bad by Killian

Miss Hesta Jones

Basenotes Junkie
Jan 27, 2016
I'm going to go out on a limb here, as it's one of the house's newer frags and they've not been as popular with the fragrance 'establishment' as the older ones; I'll recommend Rose Pompon. It works the fruity-floral trend well, without being too sweet and I can only describe the rose in it as 'perky'. It's a really happy and uplifting scent and worth a sample, at least.
Good luck!

Bal a Versailles

Basenotes Dependent
Feb 15, 2012
Forget the innocent floral garden cliches. For someone who has Good Girl Gone Bad and enjoys Santal 33, I recommend the legendary Sables.

I bought this for my husband when I found that she created it for her husband, it was the other side of the coin that was Annick's 'Grand Amour' I love 'Sables' but Grand Amour doesn't do it for me. I do have a small bottle. He goes through a decent amount of Sables and we fight over Eau du Sud and Musc Nomade.


Basenotes Dependent
Mar 6, 2011
Seconding Le Chevrefeuille for a beautiful, light and sweet floral.

If you're after something more aromatic and green, then Ninfeo Mio fits the bill.

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