What is that in Escentric 02 on top note?


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May 11, 2014
Are there anybody say me what is that on top note of escentric 02?

I smelled ambroxan at deep note but on top i dont know what is that?

I think i smelled it at lots of brand perfumes like top note of escentric 02

That is sweet,soft and if i gave it a color, it would be mostly yellow and a little -green.

I smelled it at bvlgary aqva,issey miyake leau issey and may be polo blue.
I love that scent what is that at top note of escentric 02.

Maybe i can do it on my own,and i want to try to do it.

But i don’t know how can i prepare it, which materials i must use and what must i add for my own formula about escentric 02?

Are there anybody having formula about 02 or advise for DIY?

Of course Not for professional purpose,only for training and enjoying


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May 11, 2014
Could it be Iso E Super? Just a guess.

Thanks for your response but I don't think so, because iso e super has woody and like pine or other woods and maybe earthy and iso e has no clear and powerfull odor but i mean about top note in escentric 02 that sweet like fruity,creamy scent.Which scent i smelled at 02 is a clear, sweet powerfull one.As i wrote before i smelled it at bvlgary aqva,issey miyake l'eau d'issey and a little polo blue.And maybe lacoste essential as only one scent.I want to learn only that chemical or natural material.It may be a mix of somethings, maybe an Accord or others but i am sure that most of people who are in this forum know it.

I don't know because i have no experiment enough about perfumery materials.

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