What is similar to OPIUM for women?


Aug 30, 2004
:p You might want to try KL, by Karl Lagerfeld. It's discontinued I think, but you can find it online at quite a few sites. Not nearly so heavy as Opium. Sheerer and with more tang. But plenty of spice. I love it. Caron's Nuit de Noel, is a gorgeous scent, and it means Christmas Night! Again, it's available online. Stores like Saks and Nordstrom should carry this one, too. Another possibility would be Bal a Versailles.


knightowl said:
Oh, and BTW, it doesn't have to smell like Opium, i just need a recommendation on a nice oriental!! Thank you! :)
Lots of great suggestions already! :eek: I'll second them and I'll add Coco by Chanel, Magie Noire by Lancome, and Raffinee (used to be by Houbigant).


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Oct 22, 2004
knightowl said:
Oh, and BTW, it doesn't have to smell like Opium, i just need a recommendation on a nice oriental!! Thank you! :)

I did a search on Parfums Raffy for oriental fragrances, which were categorized by "oriental" and "floral oriental." I picked the ones I was familiar with and that I considered to be oriental.

Shalimar - Guerlain
Absolu - Roshas
Boudoir - Vivienne Westwood
Escada (original)
Sensi - Georgio Armani
Sheer Obsession - Calvin Klein
Spellbound - Estee Lauder
Knowing - Estee Lauder



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Oct 22, 2004
mgarisbn said:

Good idea. ÊI use Parfums Raffy as a reference, too. Ê

Hey mgarisbn ;D

Raffy has more to offer than I realized. By getting to it via search engine, it took me into an area I had not explored. Quite informative.

Have a great day!



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Oct 18, 2004
Here's another one, not really similar to Opium but a great oriental : Coco (NOT Mademoiselle Coco) by Chanel. Chose the EdP.


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Nov 17, 2003
I second the Chanel Coco suggestion (original, not Mademoiselle). I prefer the EDT in Coco, as I find it a little more "sparkling", but the EDP and Parfum have a smooth, rich quality.


Sep 2, 2015
I have never smelled anything just like Opium. Although I have a cat "Odor Off" product that has some kind of spicy smell that's exactly like Opium.


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Oct 31, 2009
I will say Cinnabar by Estee Lauder.

I read a bio of her, and she was totally outraged when Opium was released. She was convinced someone had stolen the formula for Cinnabar and made Opium

I read that, too. She was super-salty about it, and famously said in Women's Wear Daily in '78, "Women today don't want perfume. The era of the really strong perfume is dead. Many of the strong perfumes coming out today are cheaply made with synthetics. And Opium. When I saw St. Laurent's Opium I nearly passed out. Opium is my Youth Dew with a tassel." Then she retaliated with Cinnabar that same year. 😄

Although I don't find them extremely similar, Balenciaga's Prelude is a wonderful, perhaps more balsamic and resinous than spicy, Oriental that doesn't get much attention, and I've heard others draw comparisons to Opium. If you're familiar with the original fresh scent of Avon's SkinSoSoft bath oil, Prelude will smell familiar. I find that particular resemblance very striking.

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