What have you NOT smelled on the street?!


Basenotes Dependent
Aug 5, 2016
What do you find that you surprisingly don't smell in the street. My angle being things that are heavily pushed, ubiquitously available, often heavily discounted, rated as 'most popular'...that you never or rarely experience 'on the street'?

I.e going through a stash of samples to add to some decant sales, there's a fair few designer offering, I see Joop Homme. Knocking em out at most high street retailers £25~ for 200ml and online. Rarely smell it though, once I remember.

Stuff like Versace Dreamer, always available, often on big discount, again never smelt on street?

What about you?
Jul 20, 2017
I would agree most stuff now.

20 years ago there were fewer options and so some distinctive fragrances could stand out. I remember a time when stuff like ck One, L’Eau Dissey, Le Male, Joop Homme and Acqua di Gio were everywhere but you would actually smell them on the street.

Even earlier, the smell of Polo was on almost EVERY man in a suit and it’s one that I will still occasionally smell in the wild.

Most of the time now it’s just Sauvage or as I prefer to call it, the Dystopian Option. The rest of the time it’s usually something like Wanted/Most Wanted or Baccarat Rouge 540, Tobacco Vanille.

So if I smell something on the street like L’Instant de Guerlain, an old school cheapie or something quite mossy, just like Billy Connolly in his daft trousers, it makes me a little happier. It’s a reminder that people are just regular folk and appreciate regular real world joys.

I’m not surprised I don’t smell other things more because there are so many options. The staggering number of new releases coupled with the constant discontinuations just make it a revolving door of all you can smell buffet where you might never smell the same thing twice.

In a way I’m surprised I don’t smell Mugler Cologne /Original Vetiver on the street but then again they would probably get buried under the more tenacious sillage of a sweet ethyl maltol woody.

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