What happened to Bond no. 9?


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Jun 7, 2022
5-10 years ago, there was a lot of discussion on this house, on here, fragrantica and youtube. It was easily one of the top 3-5 most talked niche houses in the community. But then it's fallen fallen off. Any reason as to why?

I always liked this house. They have many fragrances. Many mediocre ones, but also many good ones. And a lot of creative ones. The most recent one I've loved is Liberty Island, though I haven't really tested them in stores much since then.

Their prices significantly increased. Several years ago you could find most of their fragrances for $100-140 discounted for 100ml. Now you're looking at $200-250 minimum. This may be because, like Creed, it's been sold by high-end department stores, more demand = higher price.


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Jun 7, 2022
I think the price increase hurts this house for me because they have more fragrances I like than ones I love.

If this house had 2-3 fragrances that I absolutely adored more than the rest, I could buy them. But it's more like Bond no. 9 has 10 fragrances I like about equally, I'd feel like I'd either want to buy all of them or none of them.


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Aug 9, 2009
Hard to have an exact answer.

They are pricey with limited distribution. I don't think awareness of their brand is as high as some other niche (and it's not like awareness of niche brands is really all that high outside of "fraglandia").
They have a pretty broad range of scents.
I would wonder if their unique identical shaped bottle design works for or against them in high end retailers.

Having been a Basenoter with awareness of many brands, it's hard for me to objectively judge some things.

In my section of the world, they have pretty much been exclusive to Saks Fifth Avenue. If someone is a frequent Saks shopper, they may be fully plugged in and perceive Bond No 9 as a pricey, niche perfumer.
They probably do pretty well within that cluster of shoppers. But here in fraglandia they have a bit of rep.
Some perceive many of their scents are "inspired" by other scents. They have also shown themselves to be fairly litigious, cracking on decanters and You Tubers.

They do some good scents for sure. I'd never knock anyone for loving some of their stuff. But none have really grabbed me.


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May 2, 2010
I own and love many fragrances from Bond no. 9. My current favourites are Dubai Amethyst, Jones Beach, FiDi and Governor's Island.
Unfortunately it's difficult to find any retail stores in Australia that sell them; so its an expensive gamble to blind buy such high-priced fragrances.
Prior to COVID-19, I was lucky that I travelled quite a bit, so I've been fortunate enough to have sampled and purchased many from Bond's flagship store in Manhattan, Bloomingdales in Hawaii and elsewhere in Hong Kong and Japan.
Like any brand increasing their prices in the current financial climate, I suspect that it does have an effect on sales and brand positioning. However, as a relatively small niche brand with high quality product (IMHO), it won't affect my personal positive opinion of the brand. I'll continue to seek out new Bond no. 9 offerings and I hope to sample some on my forthcoming trip to Hawaii in October.


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Dec 18, 2011
Welcome to Basenotes, lair77!

How many fragrances do they have now.....250? Just kidding, but that's the way it seems. I've only purchased 4 of them, and I sold one of them. I think their main problem is that their overall marketing is HORRIBLE. They literally make it challenging to smell their stuff. I see 3 main problems with the house.

First, they have waaaay too many fragrances, to the point of being overwhelming for people. They have so many that, even if you wanted to check them out, where in the world would you start? People don't know, so they do nothing.

Second, they have an absurd number of scents that have been created, but no great way to SAMPLE them! If you can't sample them, most people aren't going to buy them....especially at their retail price. If I owned the company, I would be very free and easy with getting samples out there for a reasonable cost. But Bond No. 9 acts like they don't want people to smell their stuff. They make samples hard to find and acquire, and if you do, they tend to be VERY expensive. It's exactly the opposite of the way it should be. If I were them, I would have a very competitive array of various sample packages available.

Third, like you said......their prices today are so high that it makes it easy to ignore them....especially when you consider the additional 2 negatives above.


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Jul 26, 2011
Agree that they appear to have dropped off the radar a bit - don't have an answer as to why that is though.

For me, New Harlem is one of all-time favourite fragrances. If I had to reduce my collection by 90%, I can say with some confidence that this would be one of the bottles I'd keep. I also own a couple more from the house, and had one of their candles once which I recall enjoying immensely, and finding of high quality. I recall that several years back I had a few others of theirs within my sights, including Central Park and So New York, but in the end nothing came of it.

Maybe I should make an effort to reacquaint myself; however as others have said, pricing trends are definitely an issue that might hinder me in this.
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Apr 3, 2020
They make some good fragrances, but too pricey at retail, and too many options to the point where a shopper is easily overwhelmed.

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