What Did Your Grandmother Wear?


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Sep 18, 2021
This thread is so sweet.
My maternal grandmother's bathroom was decorated with miniature bottles of perfume, I remember playing with them as a child. I think she especially wore Chanel n°5.
Funnily enough, not so long ago I found a perfume smelling just like her place: Coton égyptien, by Phaedon


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Basenotes Plus
Aug 17, 2006
I already wrote a couple of years ago about my grandmas (God rest their souls), but I’m going to add my husband’s grandmothers, both of whom I knew.

His paternal grandma didn’t wear perfume that I ever saw or smelled, but she did smell like Noxzema. Then we bought her a Freesia lotion from Caswell Massey, and she adored it, and always said it smelled so clean.

His maternal grandma wore Estee Lauder Beautiful when I met her, but after we met, she asked what I was wearing, and I told her. Henceforth, she wore my signature perfume! (It was Kenzo Flower. She called it “Flowers.”)

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