What did you buy today? (2023)


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Oct 25, 2007
Acqua Di Gio Parfum by Armani 125 ml Parfum

Beau Chapeau

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May 26, 2008
Hey! Have you received this, and are you pleased, what's your take on it?
For what it is, it's not bad... I can imagine that in the 80's it was 'Saturday Night Fever' in a bottle, all hairy chest and testosterone 😁, but after reformulations, etc, it comes across sadly castrated .. SHAME. ☹️ but I guess the same can be said for most 80's powerhouses...

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Feb 5, 2019
My recent purchase.
Story: A kind ebay seller included a free carded sample of Idole de Lubin EDP with my order a month ago. Something in it really scratches an itch, BUT, I'm not about to pay the current asking prices for full-sized bottles. This Bentley fragrance is high on IdL's "reminds me of" list and it's way less expensive, so I'm spinning the wheel and hoping it comes up a winner.🤞




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Jan 27, 2023
Stopped at one of my regular thrift shops and they'd just received (with more on the way) stuff from an estate sale. Picked up

Prada EDP (90% full)
Tom Ford Soleil Blanc EDP from 2016 (90% full)
Cuba Black (95% full)
Nina Ricci L'Air du Temps EDT (90% full)

All for $100.

The Prada is great, but the sprayer is busted, gonna have to transfer to another bottle. Soleil Blanc is fucking awesome. Feels like they just took whatever Ford had done for Estée Lauder for some iteration of Bronze Goddess and repackaged it, which is fine with me. Love this stuff. It's got that Bain de Soleil thing going on big time.

Never tried the Cuba, I like it! Not great longevity but for $5, a good deal.

The Ricci I'm not sure of vintage, though I think it's not particularly old (tall bottle, frosted plastic bird cap). Still smells good to me, and the juice looks right.
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Feb 8, 2017
Louis Vuitton Meteore 100ml

The SA gave me not a single sample with my purchase!
I find that they give me a sample for every wink and smile I flash. Once I walked away with 17 samples--and the phone number of the adorable woman who helped me even wrote her number on the back of my receipt. Of course, the phone number was of no use being a married man. ;)
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Feb 5, 2019
My offer was accepted on this 7.5 ml mini bottle which will replace my current soon-to-be-empty mini bottle. I'm still circling around whether I really need a full-sized bottle. I like it but it's just that I have so many others I like but aren't getting to wear them. I've got to start selling off my "Low Likes" during summer break.



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