What did you buy today? (2022)

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Sep 3, 2022
Parfum d'Empire - Mal-Aimé

I finally found a bitter green perfume that isn't galbanum-forward.

Mal-Aimé celebrates common invasive plants, so the notes are nettle, fleabane, thistle, bramble, and iris. It smells like crushed foliage - crunchy, watery, bitter, saline - and settles to a slightly bitter dry-rooty iris.

To me it smells like dandelions and daisies, although the thistle is quite pronounced, I haven't seen that note since Jorum's Carduus. It makes me think of foraging, gardening or just going barefoot in grass. This will sit with Ostara and Virgilio as my "summer field" perfumes. Very blissful.

I wish the longevity is better, but I think it's impossible with this genre.
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Aug 5, 2016
Knowing zilch about batches n variations... Got a big Decant of that "Napoleonic" fragrance 😉

2020 batch? Dunno what that means. I get pineapple.
As discussed at much length, hard to prize apart my actual feelings from all the hype, marketing guff, and general skewiff of perceptions.

Is it big in iso e? It's.got that iso nose blind feeling. Never loses the pineapple. Dry woody. Jasmine. Has the base got to mature and bloom?

I really don't know!

A term i didn't coin yet feels right on "a meme fragrance".
Who knows, maybe I'll be blown away? Jury be out!
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