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Jan 2, 2011
Giorgio Armani - Code Profumo 200ml



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Apr 25, 2007
CarnerBarcelona-Cuirs.pngAn 8ml "travel size" sprayer of Carner Barcelona Cuirs.

I recently sampled an ~1ml sample of this [hat-tip to @tinfoilhatdude], liked it, and decided to search-for and (hopefully) acquire a larger amount. Success! If all goes well, it'll be difficult to not buy a 50ml bottle.

Update: Thursday, 8PM — I "upped the ante" and bought nine 1.7ml samples from one seller, and five more from another. That makes an additional 23.8ml which, with the original 8ml, comes to 31.8ml of this wonderful fragrance... enough to fill a 30ml bottle to the tippy-top.
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