What are your thoughts on Joop femme


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May 2, 2013
I've worn Joop Homme for years but recently tried Joop femme. I think it's pretty amazing and long lasting. I was stunned to learn this came out back in 1987. Very ahead of it's time and quite unisex. Performance is pretty amazing too. I wonder if the Coty version is like the vintage. The current batches smell great.


Basenotes Plus
Basenotes Plus
Oct 16, 2014
This is another gem of the past.strong as a red wine perfume.warm,sensual, woody,animalic,and flowery.so rich and full it reaches the extreme limit of being too much but holds itself at one micro-millimeter from that limit.

An abundant bouquet of flowers made airy and a bit artificial by aldehydes and lemon.then there is something animalistic and woody as well in the bouquet.and some amber as well.i can see a sexy brunette wearing this either with an evening gown,jeans or a leather outfit.very 80's in that way i must say.a pleasure to wear.

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Jan 21, 2006
Great classic.
For some reason always liked its combination of smooth yet also feminine (indeed nearly/likely unisex appropriate) floral powerhouse notes, combined with the outstanding performance gotten from these.

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