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Jan 28, 2016
Badger & Blade is a great place to stay abreast of blades, brushes, balms, and Bakelite (BEARS. BEETS. BATTLESTAR GALACTICA.), but for opinions on the fragrant side of wetshaving, let’s hear what Basenoters have to say!

Many “grooming” brands not only sell long-lasting aftershaves, but also EDTs and EDPs of their products. Do you have a favorite under-the-radar brand or scent? How do you pair your fragrance with your shaving routine? Discovered a new love? Looking for an online retailer?

Let’s discuss!


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Jun 13, 2003
Hi NetYet,

Ha, how ironic you posting this thread tonight. I just finished shaving using my (circa early 1900's) vintage ABC Handle Open Comb Gillette (which gives me THE closest shave of any of my many vintage Razors). OK, I ALWAYS top off my shave by rinsing my Face (several times) with hot Water. I then apply a quality Witch Hazel and then Moisture Cream. Lately, I have been using some excellent JD DAME Cream (and Fragrances). I also use a wide range of Aftershave such as Nivea for Men, 4711, Pinaud Lilac Vegetal, old Avon Aftershave, etc.

However, tonight was a little different. After hot water Face rinse (and Witch Hazel) instead of Cream, I used a nice natural Shaving Oil to sooth my Face. I recently purchase about eight of this Shaving Oil for (lol) fifty cents per bottle from a "Thrift Shop". I coated my Face well with the Oil and then I applied TABAC (so called) Cologne. I find that most all of the aforementioned Aftershaves are (at least on my Skin) very short lived in the Fragrance department. I then wait about an hour (or less) and then I apply whichever Cologne I desire. If I happen to be in a hurry, after shaving,
I'll "cut to the chase" and just do the hot Water Face rinse, then Witch Hazel & Moisture Cream and then, I just apply Cologne. Ooh, tonight's Cologne is: Santa Maria Novella "Acqua di Cuba". Ooh yea!





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May 27, 2008
I don’t insist on matching soap to aftershave. Honestly, for aftershaves I stick to Thayer’s original witch hazel or CO Bigelow Dr. Galen Herbal Toner. These are pretty neutral.

That said, I sort of like my shave soap or cream to be a precursor for my scent that day. Lavender soap if I’m going Fougere, citrus soap if it’s a freshie or citrus aromatic, sandalwood for oriental or woody frags…

The best fragrances to come out of the old-school wet shaving houses for me are:

Tabac EDC and EDT (they are different)
D.R. Harris Arlington
Taylor of old Bond St. Sandalwood, Mr. Taylor, Shaving Shop (they brought back the cream; they need to bring back the cologne splash)
Trumper Spanish Leather, Eucris, Sandalwood, Wild Fern, Wellington

Of course there are the older Penhaligon’s and Floris perfumes that used to be thrown around on the shave forums. Blenheim Bouquet and Floris Vetiver were some early discoveries.

Wetshaving and fragrance are inextricably linked in my life and in my daily routine.


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Jan 3, 2022
I'm happy to mix things up. Today was SV Desert Vetiver lather, Myrsol Agua Balsamica to finish, and PRPH before I left the house.

I don't but soap/aftershaves sets as a rule because, apart from Speick, most of the aftershaves can't compete with Myrsol for face feel.

Fragrances tend to be determined by my mood or the weather rather than what I used to shave with, as I typically apply them later.


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Aug 9, 2009
My first online forum was Badger & Blade and I am a sort of fallen wet shaver. Don't use the DE razor much anymore, but certainly use a wide of array of creams, soaps and brushes.

My fragrance love and wet shaving love don't sync up that much. My go to aftershave is usually Pinaud Classic Vanilla which I find to be almost
scentless or least a longevity light weight. It doesn't seem to conflict with my SOTDs.

On occasion, I'll go wet shaver crazy and use Pinaud Clubman with Dana Canoe EdT. It's a great combo. Sometimes, Old Spice Aftershave with Old Spice Cologne.

I rotate between a few different creams and soaps, but rarely use any matched to wearing a specific EdT. I like the idea of a top to bottom grooming routine based on one product, but have found it makes minimal difference to my overall scent wearing experience. Specifically meaning, using a shower gel, shampoo, deodorant, shave cream, aftershave and EdT all base on one scent. I've done that and it's fun but expensive.
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Mar 17, 2011
Many “grooming” brands not only sell long-lasting aftershaves, but also EDTs and EDPs of their products. Do you have a favorite under-the-radar brand or scent? How do you pair your fragrance with your shaving routine?
One brand that I think is seriously under the radar, especially in fragrance enthusiast circles, is Castle Forbes.
Their wet shaving series is the Rolls Royce of the genre, whilst their EdT/EdP fragrances are unique and affordable.

Tabac is also a wet shavers' paradise type of brand. I grew up with the occasional whiff of it and it was (and still is) easy to find in chemists/pharmacies here. The shaving soap remains among the best there is and the cologne is one of the most traditional and reasonably priced there is.
Discovered a new love? Looking for an online retailer?
Just to be clear, we tend to move such discussions to the Online Shopping forum, so best to start a new thread in there for this sort of topic/discussion.


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Apr 1, 2019
I am currently sporting a 6 month beard and roughly 2 year moustache, and if I make it through the summer heat without wanting to shave it all off then I'll most likely stick with the facial hair until at least next spring. So wet shaving has gone out of the window for the forseeable.

However I have a hankering to add a cut throat blade and learn how to (properly) shave with it if/when I go clean shaven again. This thread reminded me that I should do some reading about what to go for at some point.

Up until now, I have just been using a modern safet razor (Merkur) with Haslinger soap (which is a bit of a hassle to lather, but once you get it going it's great). I also only use boar brushes - I much prefer the feel/texture of boar over badger, which is a relief considering how badger brushes are made. I don't own a badger brush and would encourage people to use boar instead. It's a much better tool than badger or synthetic bristles in my opinion, particularly for hard soaps, and is a byproduct unlike badger hair so you're not supporting needless animal cruelty.

I have no interest in the artisanal brands, which seem to be more of an American thing in general and far too expensive for me to want to try them. In terms of scent, Taylor's of Old Bond St are probably the best I've tried and a step up on Trumper's. I like their soliflore scents and also their more modern ones, like the Aventus Royal Forest. However they're just too expensive, particularly when shaving daily, at £15 a tub that lasts approx 2-3 months. Having expensive/niche fragrances is already an indulgence; adding shaving soaps to the fragrant wheelhouse, where the scent lasts all of about 5 minutes, is simply not needed.

In terms of layering aftershaves/balms with fragrances, I like the idea - but only as an especially indulgent rarity. Aftershave (particularly balms) are far more expensive per wear (if not per ml) than an EDP/EDT considering you're using 1-2ml minimum per shave. So I like the idea of adding an aftershave version of a fragrance to my collection but it's just not economical in the long run. I saw not too long along that someone was trying to sell Gucci Nobile aftershave for more than the already-extortionate prices the EDT sells for. At some point you just have to step back and have a word with yourself if you're spending £100s on an aftershave. Perfume lasts longer, is cheaper per wear, doesn't risk contamination/spoiling in the same way - better off just sticking with the perfume, unless money is really no object. I also think it's the kind of luxury you could get used to, which is dangerous.


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Jul 26, 2011
I haven't been over to the US since before the pandemic (and furthermore I've worn a beard over most of that timeframe, which has obviously curbed my interest in shaving products), but whenever I did visit I always enjoyed calling in to the Art of Shaving store. I still have some of their unscented shave foam from my last visit - which I suppose underlines my lack of shaving practice in the interim!


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Oct 5, 2022
Do you have a favorite under-the-radar brand or scent? How do you pair your fragrance with your shaving routine?
I'm a wet shaver (disposables) but don't shave every day, it depends what I'm doing, going out staying in etc. I use a neutral fragrance moisturiser/aftershave balm and then the Aftershave and matching Eau de Toilette if I have it.

The only synchronised fragrance I have is Eau Sauvage where I have the shower gel, moisturiser balm, deoderant and choice of current formulation aftershave/eau de toilette or vintage aftershave/eau de toilette.


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Jan 21, 2006
Though owning at least one traditional safety razor and also at least an electric one as well, mostly using a system razor nowadays, but still have managed to incorporate certain also quite traditional shaving products (mostly soaps/creams by brands like Proraso and Palmolive, as well as natural bristle brushes).

And while enjoying the calming scent as well as the additional thoroughness and ease such creams/solid soaps do bring to each shave, do enjoy a certain aspect of wet shaving even more.

Namely the aftershave splashes, EDC style scents or even EDTs with a traditional barbershop inspired theme do own and use, like e.g.:
Sir Irisch Moos, Tabac, Hattrick, Floid, 4711, anything by Crabtree & Evelyn, l'Occitan, Brut, Denim, Caron pour un Homme, Marbert, Pitralon, Old Spice, The Bluebeard's Revenge, Yardley, Bronnley etc. due to their contribution to the both shaving and SOTD routine (up to the point of seeking out various fragrance concentrations and/or scented shaving additional products within the same fragrance line).
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May 27, 2008
One brand that I think is seriously under the radar, especially in fragrance enthusiast circles, is Castle Forbes.
Their wet shaving series is the Rolls Royce of the genre, whilst their EdT/EdP fragrances are unique and affordable.
I very much agree about the performance of CF shave products. Their creams are incredible. I’ll admit I have never tried any of their fragrances, but I’m intrigued by 1445, and maybe I ought to try that cream out as a way to sample the scent.

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Oct 17, 2012
For the most part, I have a cheapo Van Der Hagen butterfly DE that one day I'll upgrade to a vintage Gillette Superspeed (like Dad had), and my brush is synthetic and came with one of the soaps I bought early on.

Since then I've added a full Murdock of London suite of soap/preshave/balm (scented like their Avalon cologne), plus a Pinaud Clubman suite of cold cream/soap/preshave (scented like their classic vanilla A/S except for the preshave, which is orange blossom).

Then there's my Proraso (green) that I pair with Anthony preshave/beard oil (it's both), and either Proraso A/S or Acqua di Selva A/S.

When I wanna slum it, I have cans of Pinaud (scented like original Clubman) and matching shampoo, or Barbesol, with Shave Secret shave oil for the preshave (scented like bay rum).

Beyond that, I have a Van Der Hagen soap puck and bowl (smells like heliotrope) that I use sometimes because it goes good with Avon Lover Boy A/S.

Scentless Dove Sensitive Skin bar lathers up nice in a bowl (likely because of the moisturizer lotion in it), so I use that when I leave the paired/matched toiletries wheelhouse to use one of my many other aftershaves from Aqua Velva to Avon, or one of my vintage designer ones like R&G L'Homme or Puig Quorum.


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Sep 15, 2009
I’m a bit of a hybrid wet shaver, in that I switched to a Gillette Sensor razor 30 years ago and never looked back. I love Tabac and D.R. Harris soaps, and Cella and Proraso sandalwood are my two other go-tos. And for aftershave (also for last 30+ years) Gillette Cool Wave gel. Works great on my face and layers well with just about anything. And it’s likely my most complimented scent ever. 🙂


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Jan 28, 2016
Some lovely ideas here I’ll have to explore! For what it’s worth, I mostly shave in the evening after a hot shower, so matching my SOTD is seldom a consideration, and though I don’t enjoy wearing fragrances to bed, the occasional aftershave is not unwelcome (unless my wife objects to a particularly strong one).

I decided this year to mostly sample from grooming brands. I’ve many samples yet to get through, but here are a few I’ve enjoyed so far:

Southern Witchcrafts. This is a curious brand; there is a “house accord” I’m not sure I quite enjoy and their “witchy” marketing isn’t my style, but fans of oddball fragrances (looking your way @SixCats ) might consider their inexpensive sample set. I’ll post a full review of the house in another thread when I get around to additional wears, but the two EDPs I’m most interested in revisiting (of the 9 included in the sample set) include Boonana (overripe banana, patchouli, and musk) and Labyrinth (wet stone, hay, and the slight impression of animal).

Barrister & Mann. I’ve not sampled many from this wetshaver favorite, but I feel confident many here would enjoy Fougère Gothique. Reminds me a bit of Bottega Veneta Pour Homme by way of Jacomo de Jacomo. My wife said it smelled like swamp water.

Chiseled Face. I haven’t tried the EDP version, but their Summer Storm aftershave is evocative. I could also see many here liking the gnarly leather of their Midnight Stag, which is a bit much for me even as an aftershave.

Geo F. Trumper. Probably a name familiar to many here, particularly Eucris edt, which didn’t wow me, but I look forward to trying it again in the fall.

Zingari Man. I’ve only sampled their shaving soaps (which I find a bit lacking), but thought I’d mention that they’ve partnered with Rogue Perfumery on a Mousse Illuminee shaving soap.

Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements. I could list quite a few favorites, but I know there are other fans who can chime in, and I’ve got a dozen more samples on the way. For another day!


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Jan 21, 2006
All in all must acknowledge that while BN rules as the supreme instance among sites, communities, forums centered mainly on fragrance, Badger & Blade does in fact have a decisive contribution for both traditional wet shaving beginners and more long term connoisseurs.

Especially if wishing to get good quality shave gear and/or cosmetics at an often inexpensive cost-even if NOT directly from B&B affiliated retailers, but rather just happening to be on sale with trusted retailers near to you (or me, or really anyone here on BN).

While ALSO simultaneously inspiring a new lease on (and zest for) life to so many classic and more modern fragrances easily associated with this particular type of shaving setups-both highly among common as well as more obscure, often vintage/niche/artisan/discontinued scents.
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Apr 12, 2017
My journey/obsession started at Badger and Blade. First, it was aftershave then it quickly moved to razors, shaving soap and brushes.
Then onto fragrance and that led me here.
I remember one fella at B&B told me "If you think all the aftershaves lead you down a rabbit hole wait till you buy a few bottles of fragrance"
Boy was he right about that!
I still have about 40 aftershaves and 20 shavings soaps in rotation along with my 87 bottles of fragrance.


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Jan 28, 2016
My (now third) batch of PAA samples arrived in the mail yesterday. Two things I appreciate about shaving brands: the availability of ancillary products (deodorant, soap, shave soap, aftershave, EDP, etc.) and the ability to sample at reasonable costs. Wetshaving brands (even the more upscale ones) are a bit more “blue collar”.


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Jul 12, 2016
My (now third) batch of PAA samples arrived in the mail yesterday. Two things I appreciate about shaving brands: the availability of ancillary products (deodorant, soap, shave soap, aftershave, EDP, etc.) and the ability to sample at reasonable costs. Wetshaving brands (even the more upscale ones) are a bit more “blue collar”.
I agree. PAA though is offering a classic old-world perfuming style which is truly a luxury even in the niche fragrance world. PAA is a gem of a company. It's why I talk about them to hopefully get people to discover not only great scents but also get introduced to a neat old school shaving tradition.

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