Wearing to Retire


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Jan 21, 2006
Something classic and rather understated like Eau Sauvage EDT if the retirement occasion takes place at the office/in the work environment. Something still classic but slightly more formal and higher projection like Boucheron PH in EDP concentration, a concentrated flanker pour Pour Monsieur etc. if the retirement is also marked with dining, going out, evening/after hours socializing etc.

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Congratulations! We’re rounding that bend ourselves. I say classic as well, something with structure for the next chapter.


Basenotes Institution
Aug 21, 2001
This one is easy. Lord willing in 10 years I’ll wear Creed GIT for the last day at work. Closest thing to a signature scent that I’ve had in my career. I hope to retire at 64, and my wife at 60 that same year.

Congratulations by the way!

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