Vintage SOTD Thread for October 2022

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Sep 13, 2004


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Mar 21, 2019
Which versions do you have there? Sanofi or FF?

I'm pretty sure I had a bottle of the Cologne (Epocha/Cochrane) version back in the day as I've been wearing Grey Flannel since the early 80's.
The 2 on the right are 80s bottles, but they are minis so cant determine wich distributor. But they only have new york on the bottle, wich indicates older years. I couldnt score a big bottle so went with this. The other ones are 90s bottles as far as i could determine, also with some help from the seller. The older bottles smell waaay better. Still want a 80s big bottle!


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Jul 20, 2015
The only thing I'm wearing with any consistency is Antaeus Sport.
Antaeus Sport.jpg
It is coming up on 200 recorded wearings. Tonight when I took off the cap, I got a blast of patchouli. I usually don't pick up individual notes, and that moment of clarity was lost as soon as I sprayed.

Some more frequent thoughts are:

1. How could the people I've sent samples of this not be more into it?

2. For fans of Antaeus and Ho Hang Club, this has to be the perfect middle ground. And

3. Basenotes came up trumps leading me to this one.
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