Vintage SOTD Thread for March 2023

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Jul 20, 2015
I'm sampling, a second vintage scent of the day: Oleg Cassini for Men (Euroitalia/black bottle version). @Marand75 was right about this, it's good. Mouthwatering. I think I can cope without a bottle, maybe. I can wear Calvin instead - it's kind of similar. This is warmer / deeper / lower octave, and less soapy, but otherwise fairly similar to Calvin, to my nose. I'm off to see if anyone refers to this as a fougere.
This morning I'm trying the Jovan version of Oleg Cassini for Men. It's nice, but for whatever reason, it's not clicking with me as much as the Euroitalia version. It's close. This is more of a polite, old-school fragrance like Balafre, but stronger-smelling than Balafre. I like them, but I think I like knowing what they're like, rather than liking them to wear a lot. Compared to the Euroitalia version, it strikes me as a little more old-fashioned, less cool / hip, but still great. I'd be happy to have a bottle of this, but I'm more likely to seek out the Euroitalia version.

This Jovan version goes in the direction of Aramis JHL and Puig Sybaris. It smells like real musk, to me. A nice, light dose that comes out more in the base as other notes fade. Deep into the base, I'm feeling like it's roughly a cross between Balafre and JHL/Sybaris, but closer to Balafre. (But without the gritty texture of Balafre). I had a moment earlier in the base where I almost didn't like it, which helps to fight off the idea of maybe needing to buy a bottle. The Jovan is like a tweed suit - extra dapper.

The question of which Oleg Cassini for Men to go with digs deep. With a different set of decisions earlier on, I might be liking the Jovan more than the Euroitialia. The Jovan is clearly more old school, and has more of an authentic / natural vibe. The Euroitalia has more of an 80s-trends vibe which I find less venerable but, personally, given my experiences, more likeable.
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Dec 5, 2007
Deneuve EDT.



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Jan 6, 2012
First Vintage post here, but now that I've found an enabler, probably not my last....

Welcome to you!

I feel like we're being led up to a meeting between crow and rabbit.

I like them, but I think I like knowing what they're like, rather than liking them to wear a lot.

By the time I finally learned that lesson, I had a pileup of unnecessary bottles.


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Jan 6, 2023
Cartier Must de Cartier (vintage 1980s). This gives me that 80's Dynasty vibe with Joan Collins. It is a powerful scent for an edt that performs like a modern extrait. On my skin, I do not get the "green" vibe that many reviewers note, but I primarily get sweet musky vanilla from top to bottom. As a guy, I like wearing this perfume although I am not sure how people around me interpret this scent on me (because there is no doubt that they will be able to smell the large scent bubble that this perfume produces). I sooooooooo miss the 80s as it was a GREAT era for me.

P.S. The late dry-down is beautiful.


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Jan 1, 2021
YSL pour Homme, Yves Saint Laurent. 1971. Raymond Chaillan.

Layering after-shave with eau de toilette. The opening of the after-shave is all about lemon, bitterness and dryness. Then the complexity of the scent emerges.



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Jul 9, 2021
Syncing House-wise with @Puma.
Eau cendrée by Jacomo. Formula: Jean-Claude Astier.
Some say this is from 1970, others from my year of birth in 1974. Whichever year is correct, it is a powerful and interesting scent, which I am happy to own and to wear. It suits our current weather fine, with Spring seemingly having gone awol.
Photo taken from our apartment today, depicting the garden at the back side of our house.


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Jul 9, 2021
The question of which Oleg Cassini for Men to go with digs deep.
I haven't tried the Jovan version, but I can attest to the Euroitalia version indeed smelling very good. Unfortunately I experienced some longevity issues with it. Maybe I am anosmic to something in its composition or I was unlucky with my bottle. Maybe I should retry, to be fair I haven't worn it more than three or four times yet. One thing that definitely could be better is the sprayer though, the juice comes out like from a fire-hose.


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Dec 7, 2013
I love this set ! Congratulations, Puma !
Thank you, Jean! 😻

I have used up several bottles of the perfume + several bars of soap since many years, and I must say that this soap is superior to all the others I own with my vintage perfumes. Needless to say that I have hoarded several backup bars of the soap. In my opinion, second best soap is by Guerlain, Mitsouko.
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