Vintage SOTD Thread for August 2022

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Jan 30, 2019
I wouldn't discount that box and bottle too quickly. I have 2 of the same box/bottle combinations and neither box has a bar code and both have only a very short ingredient list. Mine reads "Alcool, Parfum, Eau demineralisee." Both smell as good as other bottles of Captain Molyneux that I own or have owned and the performance is the same across the board.
Gotchya. I went and looked at the box I have, and it also just lists the same 3 ingredients as yours. Thanks for the info. (y)


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Jun 10, 2012
SOTE, from my decant



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Basenotes Plus
Jun 4, 2022
Vintage Aramis, from a sample. I think I smell awesome - hopefully I will feel the same way once I get to the dry down. We will also see reactions when my husband gets home from work and the kiddo wakes up. But there were no complaints about Habanita so hopefully they like/tolerate this as well. Having so much fun with the samples. Wishing you all a good day/evening.

Update: My husband recognized this scent... not that it was Aramis, but that he had smelled it before/it was popular. Still said it smelled nice :D
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