Van Cleef & Arpels Collection Extraordinarie - California Reverie ?


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Jan 27, 2007
I found by accident an auction of this Van Cleef fragrance that i never heard of, and ended winning it.
I couldn't find any information of notes and launch - it seems that it was a gift of Van Cleef when they launched the California Reverie Collection.

Hope that someone can help find more about it!


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Jan 27, 2007
Picture of the bottle




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Jan 27, 2007
Sounds pretty rare rick, congratulations!

Have you get it as a bargain?

No, i wasn`t so lucky to win it as bargain, i had some competition =/ But i ended winning it for less than they are charging this collection on ebay, 96 dollars, so i think it was a good price anyway


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Sep 1, 2007
That was a great collection of fragrances I thought - apparently, some of the "collection extraordinaire" are no longer available.

I sure wish I knew more about the fragrance you won, but I thought I'd check my boxes against your photos and see if there would be any clues.

Looking at the photos, of course there is the "gift - not for sale" comment on the back of the box and above that a reference number.

On my Muguet Blanc: VA010A05
On my Orchidee Vanille: VA010A02

I purchased these probably 6 months to a year apart.

There were a total of six fragrances in the official series at Neimans. I wonder if the reference numbers go from A01-A06 in those last three entries? If so, yours is A08, which suggests possibly an A07.

Also, my boxes do not have a defined date on the box front. Instead, there is a number and letter code.

I really wish I knew definitively where this originated as I really do like the entire previous collection. As you say, it looks like a lovely, exclusive gift at a launch of the collection extraordinaire. A fragrance, perhaps, that we'll experience in a future launch of a series? Makes one wonder....

Have you opened / sniffed it yet? Could you please give us a clue about notes? Does it have the same quality as the others? Or is it more like their mainstream scents?

Thank you for the intriguing puzzle and I hope you thoroughly enjoy your new purchase!

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