[USA] US: Monoscent G, Gucci Pour Homme, Fendi Fendi, Oud Oils Etc.


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Nov 13, 2017
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Prices Include Shipping in USA, PayPal friends and family. Message me for additional pictures.

What We Do Is Secret - Monoscent G 50/60ml no box $50

Gucci pour Homme (2003) Gucci EDT 50ml - $220 with box, sprayed 1x to check if its still good. Batch code 8287


Fendi Fendi EDP 50ml - $135 no box, 98% full atleast, sprayed 1x to check if its still good. Batch code 184508



Ralph Lauren Polo Double Black 37/40ml - $30

Chanel - Gardenia EDP - Official Mini 3.9/4ml - $20

BareeqalqamarOud Discovery set
each one tried 2x. If you are interested, $95 shipped

Kemi Tempest 1.3ml Attar - $24 (Oil version)

Outremer Bergamote 50ml sprayed once - $15 (add on only)

Eau de Gaga Lady Gaga 30ml in unopened cellophane - $25

Halston Z-14 modern and vintage - $15 (add on only)

Also have decants for swap here: https://basenotes.com/threads/conus-lots-of-niche-decants-and-bottles.480249/#post-5517564
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