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Aug 16, 2018
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Looking to trade the following (some are also for sale). My wishlist/looking for list is below this one. If you have any questions or need additional photos, feel free to reach out.

Available For Trade

  • Areej le Dore - Sampler including Plumeria de Orris, Siberian Summer, Anitquity and War and Peace I
  • January Scent Project - Sampler including Smolderose, Eiderantler, Selperniku, Vaporocindro, Burvuvu, Dinudisit, and Serin. JSP sampler box is a little worn. USPS did a number on it, but I will send along anyway. Cards and tester sprays are still in perfect condition.
  • Fazzolari/FZOTIC - Five - This was purchased from Lucky Scent not long ago. See photos for levels but I have only used it twice (three sprays each time). Full presentation.
  • Tom Ford - Tobacco Vanille - About 25ml remaining of a 30ml decant

I will package them carefully to avoid bumps and leaks, as I always do. Any questions or need of additional pics, and I am happy to provide them. I usually make it to the post every Tuesday and Friday, but more frequently since I'm working from home these days

Looking For/Wishlist

Looking for actual bottles of these, not decants. Although used is most certainly fine. Looking for cleanly swiped/no skin touch on any oils/attars.

  • Any vintage or handcrafted/distilled sandalwood of note. Examples might include Fritzsche Brothers, Al Hashimi, Rising Phoenix, Royal Bengal Ouds, Etc.
  • Sultan Pasha - Fougere Noir, Chypre Narcisse
  • Xerjoff - Nio
  • Francesca Bianchi - The Black Knight
  • Rook - Undergrowth
  • Floris - Leather Oud
  • Atelier Cologne - Emeraude Agar
  • Dusita - Le Sillage Blanc
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