Tree hut watermelon scrub scent composition


New member
Mar 29, 2023
So, tree hut sugar scrub has made a watermelon scrub. It smells so good that I can eat it. I'm aware that there are so many watermelon accords out there, but this one is something I have that is relatively easy to find, and it's what I'm going for when I eventually try to make a watermelon perfume. I'm a beginner perfumer hobbyist, and I'm wondering if anyone here knows what raw materials might be in this scrub. It doesn't have to be exact. To me, it smells like it has components of apple and pineapple in it. I'm not trying to copy it exactly. It just smells so juicy and I want to make something similar.


Basenotes Institution
Oct 25, 2007
You might want to direct your question to the experienced perfumers in the Fragrance DIY Forum who might be in a better position to help you. Just a thought. :)

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