Top notes for a pink champaca perfume


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Dec 3, 2012
Hi all,

I have the pink champaca eo from liberty natural and i’m blown away by it. I want to make myself a fragrance focused mainly on this ingredient. What top notes (natural ingredients only) can i add to it that only work to enhance the smell of pink champaca? I don’t want to change the scent too much.

I’m looking to use australian sandalwood (from eden botanicals) as a base. On that note, if there’s a different base you recommend, i’m all ears. I was thinking styrax.


New member
Dec 3, 2012
Commenting before i forget: ambrettolide would probably work here too, right? It shines through to the top and works as a fixative


New member
Aug 26, 2020
I would use high-quality magnolia eo or grapefruit ruby eo for main top note. There’s a (relatively) new batch of grapefruit in LN. Quite smidgen of lisylang, geranium abs, pink lotus abs, carrot seed abs, nigella abs、hay abs, dynamone could enhance the pink Champaca I guess.


Basenotes Dependent
Sep 19, 2019
There is this material i recently discovered called "Cedrat" and it is a citrus zest with this prickly quality as if champagne bubbles explode in your nose. Use it for the top.

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