Too Many Redirects?


Basenotes Plus
Basenotes Plus
Nov 9, 2020
Same here. Must be a glitch.
Thanks for confirming, I think it's caused by me putting an emoji in the title.
Pretty good going for my first attempt at making a thread.

If a mod/admin passes through here, please can you delete the thread I posted as it's not working and I have made a new one.


Basenotes Plus
Mar 17, 2011
That's odd... I get the redirect error as well.

Can you try accessing the thread from a forum app like Tapatalk? And yes, special characters in the subject line have been known to cause issues like this in the past. I can try changing the title if you like? Can you please let me know the full title of the thread and the board that it is in (e.g. Male Fragrance Discussion, etc).

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